9 entrepreneurial qualities that breed success

Do you want to be successful?

Joining the ranks of the multi-millionaires of the world might seem like a far-fetched dream. However, your objective as an entrepreneur should be to strive for success no matter what. 

No matter how lofty your ambitions, your character should always display the entrepreneurial spirit.

And with recent figures suggesting there are over 582 million entrepreneurs in the world, knowing what qualities to focus on can help you reach the top.

Because 99% of people simply ‘want’ to be successful. But they’re not prepared to put in the work that leads to success.

You may not have an outstanding business track record like Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, or Bill Gates. But you can emulate their success by matching their entrepreneurial qualities.

All successful entrepreneurs have traits that define who they are. And being an entrepreneur means that you understand and appreciate the mindset that fuels success. No matter what your goals are, these qualities will build the foundations of your future.

With that in mind, here are 9 entrepreneurial qualities that will help set you apart from the majority of people on earth.

entrepreneur drawing on board in office

#1 – Motivation

Hard-working professionals always strive to succeed. That is the mindset that an entrepreneur should have. It demonstrates to others – but also to yourself – that there is a greater reason for your hard work.

If money is your only motivation, you may struggle to stay on track as obstacles arise. But if you clearly identify what your motivation is, you can use it to fuel you through challenging times.

You should be enthusiastic about everything you do related to your job. But you also need to prove this through your actions. Show up to work on time every day, and have a positive attitude even in defeat. 

#2 – Creativity

Individuals that think out of the box create their own success. As an entrepreneur you will be faced with unique challenges that no amount of theory can prepare you for. Coming up with solutions for the various challenges you face will underpin your success.

Creativity doesn’t have to be self-generated though. Business expert David Officen explains “It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, the fact is that if you’ve got a good hand on your finances, you’ll be able to make better decisions in the name of productivity and profit. All you need is access to the right expertise.”

You should show that you are a creative entrepreneur at every opportunity. Being able to develop strategies that improve your productivity, as well as solve problems for those around you, will give you another quality needed to be successful.

#3 – Persuasiveness

People that have the power of persuasion are exceptional negotiators. Of all entrepreneurial qualities, this one gives you the edge when going after what you want; such as a promotion, raise or different job assignment. 

Your power of persuasion may be necessary when trying to convince a customer, client, your boss or workmate about your ideas or proposals.

female entrepreneur presenting to boardroom

#4 – Vision

Every successful entrepreneur keeps sight of the finish line. They always have an eye on the big picture, and never lose track of their vision and mission.

Entrepreneur and Ink Cosmetica eyebrow feathering expert Connie Di Camillo recommends entrepreneurs “should stay current with the direction your industry is taking and the various challenges your company faces, as well as your way of solving them. For me, changes in cosmetic tattooing have happened rapidly. What is possible now was not possible 10 years ago. Staying on the cutting edge of your industry can help you take advantage of new technology and innovations.”

Distraction is the enemy of direction. So keeping focused on your vision can help to drown out the outside noise and stay committed to your goals.

Even if your role requires a small task to be completed, always stay focused on your long-term goals to see how each step leads to the finish line.

#5 – Versatility

The best entrepreneurs adapt to change. 

You might be successful due to your specific skills and expertise, but you’ll endure because of your ability to meet changing situations. This is a core way of keeping your business successful in 2020.

Remember, the tides can shift, and you need to rise to the occasion so that you remain relevant without drowning. As such, you should be ready to handle responsibilities that are outside of your job description.

#6 – Risk Tolerance

Every entrepreneur carries risk. 

Growing means making room for change and investing yourself even when the outcome is uncertain, which is also a risk. 

That actually means failure to take risks will lead to success. So test your limits and don’t be afraid to chase the unknown. 

If you can stand and face the unknown with courage, you’ll have a quality that the most successful entrepreneurs share.

man looking up at steps of success

#7 – Flexibility

Entrepreneurial qualities include the ability to adapt to change and have a solution for different challenges as they arise. They are team players who can shift priorities based on the immediate need or issue to ensure the team accomplishes its goals. 

Such flexibility is an essential component when working with other people. It makes you receptive to people’s ideas, needs and opinions while also having you open-minded to criticism and feedback from your workmates and manager.

#8 – Decisiveness

Are you able to make sound judgements or decisions when under pressure? 

Procrastination is not a term that an entrepreneur embraces; that means you need to take action and react accordingly when required. 

Know how to prioritise your duties and responsibilities and how to make quick and correct decisions when the pressure is on.

#9 – Collaboration

A savvy entrepreneur will be a collaborative leader. Such leaders are active team players. In short, you should emulate this quality of an entrepreneur. You should show that you have exceptional teamwork skills.

Teamwork and collaboration skills may include:

  • being able to adjust to other styles of problem solving
  • Maintaining open communication with stakeholders
  • Working with others to meet set deadlines

So, what are you doing to do today to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life tomorrow?

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