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Ever wondered why we invest in a home as soon as we become financially stable? Well, it is because home is a place that gives us a sense of security. This phenomenon is so instinctive in living beings that even animals make it a point to single out their territories. Hence, the phrase “safe as a house.”

Having said that, you should not drop your guards to the point where your home could become an easy target for a potential burglar. Talking about America, one household falls prey to a burglary in every 23 seconds. The figure would suffice to give you a vivid idea about the ever-blossoming number of intruders. 

Typically, the threat of burglary is always running in the back of a homeowner’s mind. That is why people keep their windows and doors shut for the most part of the day. But these measures are not sufficient by any stretch of the imagination. The following eight tips will do a world of good to secure to the house:

  1. Exploit warning signs 

Majorities of the break-ins do not last for more than 10 minutes. It is not because intruders have some kind of magic wand that makes a robbery incredibly easy for them. But simply because they are always on the hunt for a house that poses them a minimum challenge. Simply put, burglars stay at a safe distance from houses with telltale warning signs even though they may be fake. 

So if you cannot afford a sharp Doberman or services of emergency locksmith Sydney, here are some inexpensive alternatives for you: 

  •  Hang a “beware of dog” board outside your house. Unless burglars know you personally, they would readily believe that you have a dog that happens to be always on its toes. Better yet, if you keep a dog bowl. 
  • Security cameras also help. The best place to install them is all the doors and windows on the first floor. A well-documented study reveals that nearly 81 percent of the intruders make their way into a house from the first floor. It is also recommended to position security cameras in such a way that they do not show the company’s name. Otherwise, a sophisticated burglar might outsmart you by doublechecking the legitimacy of the company title.   
  1. Be more thoughtful about vacations 

We all know how important vacations are. There would not be an exaggeration stating that vacations work as a stress-buster tool, especially for those who do not have ideal work-life balance. However, you have to be a little more responsible while making your trip public. 

Since social media has penetrated so deeply into our personal lives, many people do not think twice before sharing stuff on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and suchlike. In any case, you should not make your vacation public. Who knows an intruder might be stalking your social media account and waiting for you to leave the house? Also, refrain from sharing the photos while you are still having a ball at a beach with your family. Reach home first and then post your catchy pictures.

  1. Upgrade your locks in time 

When it comes to making your house burglary-proof, nothing comes close to subscribing to good habits. One of these habits is updating your locks in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, many people have a tendency to persist with the same lock even when it is no longer offering a solid line of defense. 

That is indeed a downright foolish way to keep your prized possessions at stake. The takeaway message being always replaces your locks when they show the first sign of wear and tear. Surely, it will come up with upfront costs, but you will greatly halt the chances of malpractice.

  1. Eliminate hideouts 

Statistically speaking, most of the thieves commit burglary in the daytime. Still, you cannot stay casual after sunset. The best way to keep intruders at bay in the night is to eliminate the hiding spots. If there is anything that is blocking your outside view, you must address it right from the get-go. Because such houses are always on the intruder’s high-priority list.  

For example, untidy bushes are one of the go-to hideouts for burglars. So keep them trimmed and also avoid piling the heaps of clutter near the entrance. Albeit minor, these steps are might effective.       

  1. Make the most of a security system 

While it would not be wise to completely rely on a security system, you cannot completely write-off the efficiency of technology. There are vast and varied types of security systems. You can easily find the one which is in step with your budget and requirements. That being said, you should dive into the following factors before purchasing any device or contacting a security agency: 

  • Inquire about the installation process. Some security systems are easy to install and hardly need assistance from a professional. Therefore, learning about this important aspect might lead you to save some money.
  • Make sure your service provider enjoys a good reputation. Review websites can come very handy in this regard. 
  • Do not forget to test the system thoroughly. 
  1. Be creative about spare-key spots

It is no revelation that many homeowners tend to have a spare key to their house. We encourage this practice. Having said that, you should not put your keys in common places. There are places and tricks than can ensure better security to your keys. Some of them are as follows:

  • Hide keys inside a fabricated faucet head
  • Hang the key on a tree near your house. Be sure to mark the tree properly
  • Bury it in your garden and cover it with the fake poop of a domestic animal.  
  • Pass it to your neighbor. If you are lucky enough to have a trustworthy neighbor around you, they are perhaps your best bet. 
  1. Trick burglars using timers  

Burglars always take calculated risks. Once they learn that somebody is already occupying the house, they are less likely to break in. Though it is not practically possible to always stay in the home, yet you can always convey to intruders that you are in the house. Confused? Allow me to explain. 

By setting the timers on devices like TV, radio, and suchlike, you can turn them on at a specific time. It will give the thief the impression that you are watching tv or listening radio and he will immediately back off from the scene. How convenient, isn’t it?

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings

Let us face it, and all your efforts can go down the drain if you lose touch with what is happening around you. Security experts of the opinion, the less aware you are about your locality, the more vulnerable you become to burglary.

Unlike a rural area, it is challenging to know your neighbors at length in an urban-setting due to the vast difference in their lifestyle. However, if you are really committed to put your phone down for some time and observe your area, it will get the job done. 


Many authentic records suggest that incidents of burglary have declined in the last few years. It is a healthy sign. But that does not mean you should take your home security any casually. As a matter of fact, burglars are still pretty much active in pouncing on the opportunity. Thus, to be on the safe side, it is advisable to walk the tight path of the above instructions.

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