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An argumentative essay is a statement of the author’s thoughts on a given topic. It tells the situation, the problems of the topic, the position of the person. If you want to write an argumentative essay like a professional writer, you need to be able to see what others are missing.

The main purpose of the argumentative essay

The goal is the ability to think creatively, to develop the skill of writing thoughts. In an essay, a person convincingly proves a point of view, correctly forms the structure of the presentation of the material, and conveys the essence of the problem, if there are options for its solution.

The text contains examples on the topic, and conclusions are drawn from it.

Characteristic features of the argumentative essay

There are common features of the genre that are described in dictionaries:

  1. Small amount of written text.

There are no clearly defined boundaries – that’s why you should stick to the requirements offered by the teacher.

  1. A well-defined topic and its disclosure.

The topic for the essay is selected as the sole focus; it cannot contain many thoughts at the same time.

  1. Freedom in writing is one of the features.

There is no clear framework for writing an argumentative essay. It does not obey the laws of logic but acts contrary to it. This is a case in which you should do the opposite.

Tips on How to Write an A-Grade Argumentative Essay

The first step is to evaluate the list of essay topics offered by the university. Read them and listen to your own sensations. Which of the questions caught your attention? On which topic do you already have thoughts? If nothing comes to mind right away, give your thoughts time: do not rush, but reflect on the questions for a couple of days, if you have enough time. You wouldn’t write an essay at the last moment, would you?

To help you with your argumentative essay, we have compiled some valuable tips and tricks.

  1. Don’t use long, complicated words. You will look pretentious, or even worse, ignorant. For example, “How to write concisely” sounds much nicer than “how to circumvent the superfluous use of language.”
  2. Don’t worry about word limits. Write the essay how you want, and then just cross out the excess. You will not believe how quickly and easily you will find unnecessary things.
  3. Make sure that there are no mistakes or typos in the essay. To do this, read it starting from the end. In this way, you won’t concentrate on the meaning of the text, and your focus is only on the words. Check them in a dictionary if in doubt about spelling. When the essay is ready, read it several times, preferably another day, to evaluate it with a fresh look. You can show your essays to friends and family to see how they react.
  4. Show ease of writing. The author must present thoughts in such a way that the reader, without any stress, understands what he or she wanted to say. There is no need to complicate everything. An essay should be written by an author who is well versed in the topic – the author should see it from the inside.
  5. Present the meaning in writing. Despite the fact that the essay is written in a free style, the statements of the personal positions of the author should make sense.
  6. Make the intent of the essay serious. When writing, you can not use colloquial slang, shorten words, or use frivolity. Before you start writing an essay, you should decide on the topic, the volume. You should start with the main idea in order to immediately grab the reader’s attention.
  7. Choose the right topic. Before you start writing, decide on the topic. This can be difficult, especially in a situation where nothing comes to mind. But there are exceptions when the teacher determines the topic, such as when there is a direction in the assignment, when you can choose a topic from the proposed list, or when you write about what you like (free topic).

Who among students doesn’t like to write exciting argumentative essays that get perfect scores? We believe that if you follow our tips, your essay will be the coolest!