7 Safest Places To Travel Post Coronavirus

7 safest places to travel post coronavirus

Travel is an essential activity, not only to refresh the mind and to explore places and gain more knowledge about them. The coronavirus pandemic made many people halt and suspend their travel plans. With strict social distancing rules, suspension of international flights, and closure of national borders around the globe, nearly everyone canceled their traveling plans indefinitely.

7 safest places to travel post coronavirus

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However, as the pandemic is slowly getting under control, there is a ray of optimism in the travel industry and travelers. Now, countries are taking all precautions and have succeeded in preventing the spread and contamination of the virus. Also, they are opening up their borders and resuming international flights. Some of these countries are even relaxing quarantine rules for tourists and making travel more accessible than before.

1.  Switzerland

Switzerland tops the list of the safest places post-pandemic because of the strategic decline in the spread of the COVID-19 virus and its mortality count. The best thing for tourists is that Switzerland has flexible lockdown rules and an economy on the course of the revival course. Tourists are free to visit the countryside and go on road trips across its length and breadth. A road trip with a roof rack bag installed to your vehicle is an ideal option.

2.  Georgia

This European country is one of the least infected countries by the COVID-19 virus. It makes Georgia one of the safest and ideal destinations for travel without worrying about quarantining or lockdown. The country has pristine landscapes and a vibrant culture that woos tourists visit again. Tbilisi’s capital city is one of the bustling cities of Europe with its lively clubs and most fancy restaurants.

7 safest places to travel post coronavirus

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3.  Greece

Greece is another safest Aegean country with partial quarantine policies for tourists. The country has significantly less coronavirus infected count in comparison to other European countries. Explore the origins of the Olympics or enjoy shows in an ancient outdoor theatre that will take you back to Roman times.  Greece is also abundant in natural beauty with white sandy beaches and sky-high volcanic mountains.

4.  Croatia

Croatia is one of the safest places to travel in southeast Europe without any quarantine for its tourists. The country is well known for its dazzling coastline and blue sapphire-colored water that is a delight to the eyes. Coastal Croatia is the safest and perfect travel hotspot for adventure lovers. Tourists can indulge themselves in adrenaline gushing water-based activities like diving, sailing, snorkeling, and kayaking.

7 safest places to travel post coronavirus

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5.  Portugal

Portugal, with its no quarantine policy, is the safest place for traveling at the moment. The country is rich in architecture and historically significant sites like stone carvings and monoliths, dating back to thousands of years. Portugal is also a gastronome’s favorite for its exquisite and sumptuous cuisines. The Madeira Islands of Portugal are worldly hotspots, with thousands of tourists flocking to this part of the world every year.

6.  Austria

The country of Austria is one of the safest tourist places with significantly less COVID-19 infected count. The primary travel guideline post-pandemic in Austria is that tourists will have to present a health certificate on arrival. Austria is known for its lavish concert halls that echo the stellar works of musicians like Mozart, Strauss, and Haydn. The capital city of Vienna has the majestic Leopold Museum and Kunsthistorisches Museum that contain 19th-century Austrian art and culture specimens.

7.  Israel

Israel is one of the safest places post-pandemic because of its quick and effective vaccination campaign. 65% of the population is fully vaccinated (85% in adults). The only restriction left, is wearing masks indoors. Other than that all activities are back to normal. The borders are re-opening for tourists (fully vaccinated and recovered) on August 1st. To be on the safe side, the best option is to center your vacation on outdoor activities. A perfect excuse to do some hiking tours and scenic road trips.

8. Malta

The Mediterranean country of Malta is another safe travel destination. It boasts of a beautiful landscape with high limestone cliffs and rocky beaches that lead to the deep blue sea. The country is home to prehistoric sites with figurines and massive sculptures, each telling a beautiful story.


The post-coronavirus pandemic travels will be both interesting and cautious. Though the safest places are open to all, tourists will have to maintain social distancing rules, which are the ‘new normal.’ It is essential for tourists to regularly check on their health and follow the post-pandemic travel guidelines in addition to enjoying the beauty of these countries.