Pilates, a physical fitness program developed by a German named Joseph Pilates is a favourite exercise regimen of many health enthusiasts. It offers tons of benefits and is a safe form of exercise that even pregnant women can enjoy its perks. But what if you’re injured or has a medical condition that requires you to be extra careful when moving? Then you can take advantage of Clinical Pilates.

Clinical Pilates is the type of pilates that aids in the rehabilitation process of many medical conditions. It focuses on restoring normal movement and balance, improve mobility and function and even prevent future injuries. By enrolling in Clinical Pilates Perth class, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Assists women during and after pregnancy

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Clinical Pilates is an excellent workout for expecting mothers and those who recently had their baby. It works by strengthening the lower abdominal and pelvic muscles which weakens during pregnancy. It also helps you learn proper breathing exercises which is essential in managing pain during labour and childbirth.

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Corrects posture and improves balance, coordination, and stability

With the activities you do during clinical pilates, you get to improve your posture, balance and coordination thanks to the improved muscle control. There are specific posture correction exercises that will help you sit, stand and walk without worrying about a hunched back. By toning your core muscles, you get to improve balance, coordination, and stability.

Effective rehabilitation exercises for those with injuries

People who acquired injuries, especially those individuals who are into extreme sports can take advantage of clinical Pilates. One can safely perform this to aid in their rehabilitation process. With the help of a certified and competent physiotherapist, you can effectively heal and recover by focusing on the areas that need support and rehab.

Helps alleviate back and neck pain

One can ease back and neck pains by doing clinical pilates. It promotes proper spinal mobility by moving each segment to decrease neck and back stiffness and pain. It also helps correct posture and strengthens the muscles surrounding your spinal cord to prevent pain and stiffness.

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Improves overall health and wellness

Clinical Pilates helps you stay active, promoting greater overall health. Whenever we exercise, our body produces feel-good hormones. When you do clinical pilates, you’ll feel good, feel happier, you get to sleep better at night, and makes you more productive.

Prevents injury

If you have poor posture, weak and imbalanced muscles or even weakened muscle strength, clinical pilates can help fix these problems. By strengthening your muscles, improving your flexibility and correcting your posture, you get to prevent future injuries caused by problems mentioned earlier.

Promotes mental health

Clinical pilates involves deep breathing, balancing,  stretching, and lifting, among other activities. This helps improve your focus, increase attentiveness, promotes discipline and helps improve memory and cognitive functions.

Whether or not you have a recent injury, is pregnant, is an athlete who wants to improve their performance, you can enjoy the perks that come with clinical pilates. Work with a professional, have them assess your current condition and get ready to look great and feel great.