7 domain name registrar options for your website

Domains are a sure way to make your mark online and get your brilliant idea the attention it deserves. Whether you are running a business or a blog, a domain is the best way to make a great first impression on your potential clients or loyal blog followers. They give your business a polished, professional look, regardless of its current size or following. Domain registrars are the companies that register the domain for you and manage the backstage technical aspects. They come with different offers, advantages, and disadvantages.

If you are looking for domain name registration for your website, here are a few registrars you can choose from:


Since their inception in 2000, they are among the biggest names in the domain name registration market. They offer registration of all top-level domain extensions and country-code top-level domains. Domain.com also offers relatively low-priced hosting options for small business owners and blogs. You can get a .com domain for $8 and below, which is relatively economical. With Domain.com, you get access to superior features in addition to your domain, such as easy transfer, DNS management, and web-hosting. If you need domain registration without hosting, they are one of the best options.


They are known for offering the best website hosting and domain registration services all over the world. If you’d like to buy a domain name and obtain great hosting services, then Bluehost is your best option. They are the official WordPress hosting partner.

You might get a free domain if you purchase web hosting for $2.75. BlueHost’s biggest plus is their 24/7 customer support, which brings in many customers by itself. 


Another favourite domain registrar, HostGator works for everyone, from beginners to long-time ‘netizens.’ They are known for their low-priced web-hosting and domain registration package that can cost as little as $3 for .com. They offer a wide selection of extensions, WHOIS privacy, and DNS management tools. Moreover, their 99.99% uptime ensures that your website pretty much never goes offline.


They are among the oldest in the domain registration arena and manage over 77 million domain names for their millions of customers. Their packages are affordable, and they offer great incentives for their customers over the first year of registration. Their interface is easily navigable to allow you to quickly change your settings and transfer your domain if need be. Customer support via phone is available.


Started in 2000, NameCheap is another reputable domain registrar whose search tool gives you suggestions in case your first choice is not available. You also get to try and buy your first choice domain in case it is already taken. They offer free WHOIS privacy for their clients and other services like premium DNS and an FAQ page to answer your questions.


They offer over 400 top-level domain registrations and free domain privacy for$8.99 per year. This is all without purchasing web-hosting, and they also provide all the management tools you need to manage your domain efficiently.


BuyDomains stands out from the others by letting you search for premium domain names, which are domains that are already registered but can be sold via a third-party. They can be branded, are shorter and memorable, and thus, more expensive than other domain names. It suits you if you are looking to get one of these for your website.


Domain registrars are licensed by the Internet Registration for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a body tasked to monitor the Domain Name System. They give your clients a simple and tasteful URL to remember your website by. All you need to do is have a reliable service provider that suits your needs and renew your domain as per your registrar.