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7 Best Long Hairstyles For Men

7 best long hairstyles for men

In the age of small and short, the love of long hair is reaching new horizons in men. Once considered a statement of identification among gods, long hairdos are becoming men’s craze and fashion symbol. The quantum of long-haired men in fashion and entertainment is growing by the day.

Shoulder length to wavy locks, the options in mens hairstyles are many and are a style statement in itself. With so many choices, choosing one hairstyle may seem a hard decision. No need to fuss and worry as we shortlist some of the rocking hairstyles for men that are applaud-worthy.

Ponytail Pride:

7 best long hairstyles for men

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For men who want to rock style and plain comfort on doer days, a ponytail is the easiest to style long hair. A drop of serum is a good way to pull back hair and maintain shine. You may keep the messy look of the hair as you pull your hair back. Tying the tie more than once will help secure the ponytail. If you wish to sport a carefree look in a ponytail, keep the hair strands in the front loose and hanging around the ear or tucked behind the ear. Wear a smart linen shirt with rolled back sleeves and your sunglasses to project yourself as a crisp corporate male.

Textured Waves:

7 best long hairstyles for men

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This hairstyle for men is about texture and dimension. It refines the slick Elvis Pompadour that originated in the 1700s to a modern-day sleek and straight hairstyle. Although this hairstyle suits all face shapes, it goes best on ones that have natural movement as a result of a layered cut. To get this hairdo, apply some styling mousse to damp hair. Let it air dry or use a hairdryer to push the front section of hair backwards. Once the hair is completely dry, pick the front section, and comb them back, and set them with hairspray. For men who wish to sport a playboy look, this is the hairdo of heartthrobs.

A Bun is Fun:

7 best long hairstyles for men

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Not a fad, the Man Bun has proven its staying power. For men with a good volume of hair and length, the man bun is a first-rate hairstyle to consider. Although associated mainly with hipsters, a bun hairstyle flatters the masses and the classes. Comb hair and secure them with a tie. Aim to put the bun below the crown of the head. A looser bun is flattering. If a messy bun is on your mind, loosen sections of hair around the face, and you are good to go.

Parting Joy:  

A long mane with crisp parting is like embracing freedom. Run a fine-toothed comb on freshly washed hair. Now draw a sharp centre parting and apply some serum on both sides of the parted hair to hold them secure. The adventure-seekers can put the larger section of hair on one side and probably serum it to stay that way. Always use a texturizing spray on the hair roots to get an extra hold of the hair when parting hair locks.

Dreadlock Madness:

7 best long hairstyles for men

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The benefit of sporting long hair is the range of impressive hairdos one can explore. Dreadlock is a hairstyle for those who want to try something little out of the ordinary. Whether you twist your hair or braid it, they look on-trend and unique. They are a fashionable choice for men who want to upgrade their long hairstyles unconventionally.                

Peppered Style:

7 best long hairstyles for men

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/DzCrHkbDh28

A long mane is good to go. The salt-n-pepper look adds a touch of sophistication in men approving the saying ‘age is just a number’. Long locks come across to be tasteful on older gents. It provides a rugged appearance which makes it worth trying it out. Complement your long grey locks with a nice wardrobe match to help you nail the look.  

Straight & Striking:

Not all men have the gift of long straight hair. It’s a rare possession, and that’s what makes it a centre of attention in fashion circles and power meetings. Of course, care is important. Like for instance, adding some salt spray to wet hair gives them a stronger hold. Separate your hair using your fingers to get a natural essence.   

Tips and Tricks to Maintain Long Hair in Men

Here are some long hairstyle tips as grooming advice for males:

  • A strong hairbrush and a wide-tooth comb with natural bristles is a prerequisite in hair grooming.
  • If you are a ponytail guy, use cloth-coated bands. Avoid using rubber bands that can damage hair.
  • Do not over-style your hair. Make them natural-looking and masculine.
  • Apply hair products like texture spray after drying your wet hair, not before.
  • Excessive towel drying can result in frizzy hair and split ends. Wash and dry your hair with precision, not speed.


What to do with long hair may not be a brain-teaser now considering the fairly impressive choices for men. Choose wisely after consulting your salon guy. Care is utmost across all the long hairdos.

People in your social fraternity may keep throwing you options on the hairstyle but do keep in mind what looks good on you and blends well with your personality. Hair is an asset, so make them look nice and awesome.     

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