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7 Beach Must-Haves Every Girl Needs This Summer



The crashing waves in the ocean, the sunny sky, the sand in your feet and the scenic view are what drives every beach lover into the sea. It seems no one can resist the enticing call of the beach, and every girl loves a sun-kissed skin every once in a while. Even if summertime is over, swimming, surfing, and other water activities are a joy. But what must girl bring for every trip to the beach?

A Great Bathing Suit

Strut your stuff and let your beautiful self-shine with a suit you are comfortable wearing. A well-fitted suit that flatters your figure and expresses your personality will not only boost your confidence but your beach experience.

Rash Guards

Whether the sun is scorching hot or not – a womens rashies are and will always be a beach necessity. Whether you’re out for a swim, getting ready to surf or out to kayak, a rashguard will give protection like no other. A quality women’s rashies will help ensure you have a shield against harmful UV rays, rashes, abrasions, keeps you warm while on your water adventure and even protect you against jellyfish stings. Look for one that fits well, looks great and can cater to your needs.

A Beach Blanket

To enjoy your stay at the beach, you’ll need a cute towel where you place your things and lay down like a starfish. But, you need more than just an oversized towel for the trip. Think about this tip when buying a new beach towel. It has to have these two sides – one side meant for drying and the other soft side for laying down. Also, choose one that is durable, eco-friendly and pretty.


Don’t confuse SPF moisturisers with sunscreen! These are two different products that offer different coverage. SPF Moisturizers do not contain as much UV protection. While they provide a bit of sun protection, staying under the direct sunlight requires you your trusty old sunscreen to do the trick.

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Lip Balm With SPF

Don’t forget about moisturising your lips! Your lips deserve to be taken cared of just like the rest of your body. A good lip balm with SPF will keep your kissers from chapping and drying. Did you know that lip cancer exists and that excessive sun exposure is one of its leading causes? Get to enjoy your stay at the beach without worrying about sore and chapped lips getting in your way with your favourite lip balm with SPF.

Comfy Sandals

Don’t go out beach-ing without your favourite pair of flip-flops. Choose one that is durable, anti-slip, light-weight and one you can wear from day to night. This way, you can throw them in your beach bag without worrying about the extra weight.

Beach Bag

Your beach essentials are not complete without a great beach bag to carry all of your essentials. Choose one that is large enough to fit your stuff and one with pockets to store small items. It should be durable, made of high-quality materials and it would best to choose one that water-resistant to keep your valuables dry and safe.