6 Tips to ace the drinks mix for your corporate cocktail party


Gone are the days when corporate parties used to be boring. In the present time and age, companies and businesses are adding more excitement to these parties. Stand-up comedy and cocktails are increasingly playing a vital role in revamping corporate parties. With all coworkers embracing stylish business casuals for men and the best cocktail dresses for women, these are no less than a blast they enjoy together.

One thing that grabs all the eyeballs in these cocktail parties is the bar. Successful drink mixing and bartending can mean the success and failure of the party. The good news is that organizing a successful cocktail party does not have to be difficult. By keeping little things in mind you can easily ace the task at hand and leave a lasting impression on your boss and colleagues.

  • Build an exclusive bar stock

A well-stocked bar is pivotal to every splendid cocktail party. It saves your running around for important items and ensures your guests do not have to go through awkward waits. Following is a quick checklist for the essentials.

  • Liquor: Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, and Tequila. This set of four is a must-have in every cocktail party.
  • Mixers: Keep a wide enough assortment of mixers like juices (orange, pineapple, or cranberry), simple syrup, club soda, lime soda, cola, and ice cubes.
  • Equipment: Mixing equipment is imperative for cocktail dinners. A good set would include a shaker, jigger, strainer, bar spoon, openers, corkscrews, and ice tongs.
  • Garnishes: Keep simple garnishing like cherry, lemon slice, orange slice, and olives ready.
  • Keep the menu precise

Your guests may demand the most bizarre drink at the party. But you need to know that no bar in under the sun serves to every demand. You need to keep your menu short and precise. This will help you serve quality drinks with a controlled shopping list and budget. However, you can set the menu over a theme and include a signature drink.

  • Jot down recipes

Have a word with your bartender to know how he is going about drinks. He may not be a master mixologist but should have mastery of the recipes he is going to serve on the day. A bartender struggling to recall the ingredients and proportion can ruin the whole fun and your and company’s reputation.

  • Do not shy away from experimentation

When you are discussing the menu with the bartender, give him the liberty to experiment and come up with unique duds. From trying new vodka flavors to romancing with new garnishes, experimentation can take any route. It will certainly add more oomph to the party.

  • Ensure measurement for every preparation

Instruct your bartender to measure every time he prepares a drink, especially if you are giving an opportunity to a newbie. Drink-making is an art that calls for perfection. You would not like your guests to have a different flavor in every glass. Also, a little less or little more alcohol or mixer can ruin the whole experience.

  • Try not to hog the bar

You are also a part of the party and have all the right to have a blast. Moreover, when you are have made your best efforts in the preparation, there is no point in spending the entire night behind the counter. You enjoy the party and let the bartender do his job.