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6 Things To Consider To Keep Your Office Safe And Sanitary In 2021


The arrival of the COVID-19 virus rocked 2020, and unfortunately, the world has yet to escape its clutches.

Thankfully, Australia has fared better than most developed countries when it comes to the pandemic, with cases exceptionally low for months now. However, with the threat still looming, there’s every possibility that things could change here if people don’t do all they can to stay safe and sanitary.

This is particularly important in offices where employees are surrounded by their colleagues all day. In order for these spaces to remain secure, these are some health and safety tips that your workspace should implement.

Improve Ventilation

Given that the virus is spread through the air, ventilation is essential in any enclosed space to ensure that people stay safe. If you sit in an office breathing the same air all day, you’re bound to pick up something from someone else. That’s why you should either have the windows wide open or utilise an air conditioning unit.

You might be concerned about using an a/c during the pandemic, but the WHO assures that they’re safe. Provided you don’t use a recirculation mode, and that you get the unit checked and maintained regularly, an air conditioner could actually reduce the risk of catching the virus.

Keep Desks Apart

One of the benefits of working in an office is that you get to socialise with other people. That’s something that millions of people have missed out on in 2020 by either working from home or no longer having a job.

However, while the office might be a great space for social activity, it’s still advised that people keep their distance to avoid potentially spreading germs. That means separating desks so that everyone is far enough apart from each other that they don’t cause any cross-contamination. People can still chat, but crowding around desks or hanging out at a water cooler is a firm no.

Weekly Cleaning

The best way to stop your office from becoming a haven for germs is to have the area cleaned regularly. That doesn’t just mean wiping down the desks and running the hoover around at the end of the week. The cleaning needs to be thorough and consistent. That’s why it might be worth hiring a professional office cleaning company.

Nexus Kleen is a reliable service to turn to for office cleaning in Perth. Considered the number one cleaning company in the area, they’re equipped with all the necessary occupational health and safety requirements. So, they know what needs doing to keep your workplace safe. They’re  also available for weekly visits and even offer a free trial if you need proof that their service is of an exceptionally high standard.

Regular Hand Washing

It’s not just the office itself that needs to be cleaned regularly for the workplace to remain safe. All employees have to do their part too to ensure that they don’t go around spreading anything they don’t want to.

The best way for people to do this is for them to wash their hands and use sanitiser regularly. Obviously, this should be the case whenever staff members go to the restroom. However, it should also be applied when they touch surfaces away from their desk, e.g. when they go to the kitchen. Spending a few seconds cleaning their hands could make a world of difference to the sanitation of your office.

Move Meetings Online

While 2020 might have forced millions of people out of offices, at least many of them were still able to work from home. The internet is what made that possible, with services like Zoom allowing companies to keep in touch with their employees.

Video calling could still prove beneficial to you if you’re back in the office because it gives you a safer way to conduct meetings. Rather than having people sit around a table and getting too close to comfort, you can just connect with everyone over webcam. It might seem a little strange to talk to people this way if none of you are at home. However, it’ll allow everyone to still keep a safe distance whenever a meeting is required.

Keep Everyone Informed

The pandemic has affected people in a variety of different ways. While some have been very relaxed about the whole situation, others have struggled with anxiety and other mental issues because of it.

When it comes to working in an office, it’s important that everyone knows how they’re being kept safe, and that any of their issues are addressed. If some people aren’t comfortable with working around other people right now, it might be best for everyone if they work from home. Forcing them to work in the office will only make them stressed, which can hinder their productivity and make them more susceptible to these illnesses.

It’s easy to become complacent with safety measures when the virus rate is so low. However, it’s important not to forget that things could quickly go south if people don’t do their part to stay safe. Just employ these tips and remember to act responsibly while the threat is still around.