dog boarding

The practice of dog boarding is becoming more and more popular among pet owners.

Dogs are like family for most people who have them in their homes. Rather than regarding them as mere guardians of the house or residential space, most people with dogs hold them dearly as though they were their children. For people who love their dogs, it becomes incredibly difficult to part ways with their fur babies, especially when circumstances leave them with no choice but to leave their pets in the care of someone else.

Not all have willing relatives or neighbours knowledgeable enough about the proper way to care for dogs. It is for this reason that dog boarding is a rather plausible option for pet owners who need to travel to or work in a distant area or are forced to move to a living quarter that sadly is not pet-friendly.

  • One of the main benefits presented by dog boarding is that it ensures safety and protection for dogs. Several dog lovers have had the unfortunate experience of leaving their dogs in the care of a wrong person, only to be met with the news that their fur baby has been mistreated, given away, or sold. In dog boarding, providing a second shelter for dogs is assigned to professionals and fellow pet lovers. This means that dogs are welcomed with just as much warmth as the people adopting them.
  • Flexible setups are also supported in temporary or permanent boarding homes for dogs. Some of the setups that fur parents can choose from include hiring a stay-in caretaker for their dog while they are not home. They can also choose from hotels, kennels, or in-home boarding for their pet.
  • Professional dog housing comes with additional amenities and services. Aside from offering dogs a new home, most dog boarding services are also coupled with additional features, such as massage, daily meals, exercise time, outdoor walks and socialization with other dogs or pets. People who work in dog housing areas will make sure that all the basic needs of the pets they are tasked to look after are provided and well accounted for.
  • Additionally, fur parents are also consistently updated about the health and wellness of their pet. Each dog has their card or report sheet wherein caretakers input every detail about them for the day. They record the amount of food and exercise that each dog had daily, along with any discomfort or abnormal behaviour they may be exhibiting while their owners are away.
  • Choosing to entrust pets in a dog boarding promotes proper treatment for animals, and it also helps lessen instances of abuse and mistreatment. Up to this day, neglecting and harming pets is still prevalent, and not all people or pet owners are aware of that.
  • Healthcare and proper assistance are also given to dogs who have reached old age. A good number of pet owners have trouble looking after older dogs or pets. It can be either because they have hectic schedules or that they cannot afford the additional medical expenses needed to address the specific health needs of their dog.

To sum it up, dog boarding is an alternative home and caring facility created by pet lovers for pet lovers or fellow fur parents. It is a kind of service that must be given more attention and support.