Have you recently bought for the very first car? That’s excellent news! With a car being one of your most prized possessions and one of your most significant investments, it’s only natural to feel excited about finally owning one. However, owning a car comes with many responsibilities, and one of these is car care and maintenance.

If you want your car last longer, run smoother and save you cash in the long run, then car care. But how do you do that? Here are five basic car care tips every car owner should know.

Read the Owner’s Manual

There are lots of people who will only check their vehicle’s manual once a problem arises. This is a big no-no. The owner’s manual is there to guide and educate you on the car’s features, how and when to maintain it and how to use it. Make sure to read the owner’s manual and always to have it in your car.

Regular Washing and Waxing

Car washing and waxing are not only meant to clean and beautify your car but to help protect your car’s paint. Since it is prone to corrosion, dirt, and grime, the only way to prevent this is by regular washing and waxing. Since you’re using the car for leisure and work, for easy transportation and to protect you from natural elements, it only deserves to pampered every once in a while.

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Check Your Car Tires Regularly

Always check for the pressure of your tire and keep them properly inflated. If you fail to do so, this causes your tire to wear faster. You’ll also degrade your car’s handling and waste more gas than necessary when you don’t maintain your tires. It’s also best to keep a spare tire and essential tools to change your tires in case of emergency.

Maintain Fluid Levels

Every vehicle requires regular oil change for it to run smoothly. Only use the oil grade recommended and keep an eye on its level. Some fluids you need to maintain are your brake fluid, coolant, and engine oil.

Check your breaks

Every car owner should check their breaks every 6,000 miles. Also, don’t ignore break noises. If you hear grinding or growling, your brakes seem not to respond as it should and if your car pulls to the side when you try to use your break, have it checked asap.

Have it Checked by Your Trusted Mechanic

It doesn’t matter if you already know your way around cars. A mechanic is a licensed, experienced and skilled professional who knows how to fix and maintain your vehicle. So, make sure to give a Car Service Perth a call or to take your car to your mechanic for regular maintenance and necessary repairs.

These are just the five basic car care tips every car owner needs to know. If you wish to enhance the performance of your car, increase it,s reliability, improve safety minimise car emergencies and even save hundreds of bucks caused by repair cost, make sure to care for your car regularly.