25.3 C
Saturday, June 25, 2022

6 – 8 Sept



Moja @ Seven – get ya Afrobeats intro this Sat, the owner is turning 30 and will be turning it uuuuuup. Sprink’s get VIP, hit up my box if you wanna
Face To Face @ Yarra Valley – living IRL
Brazilian Day @ CBD – a day Melburnians have defined bikini lines
What’s in a drinks name? @ cbd – N. R. K. There is a D too, the best of all.
Mezcal Week @ Mamasita –
Melb Writer’s Fest DUETS @ Melb – starring the one and only Kweena Bae-rina
DVATE @ juddy roller – date the V.
Let’s Dance @ Rubix – Afrobeats HOW CAN THERE NOT BE
Nokturnal @ Melb Museum – thinkin they’re kewl cos they misspell words using a K – lame.
Ulster American @ Red Stitch – Sprink saw this last week and legit was shouting out at the actors, angryily, happily, cheerily then GASP FCK OFF THE ENDING and STANDING OVATION “holy sh*t I want to see that again*
Melb Moon Festival @ Melb – come talk about your period
Bottomless Froze @ Melb – froze is also cursed, but you get your choice of toppin… and it comes with a free frogurt

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