5 tips to remember for choosing a bi-fold door

Bifold doors are made up of sliding panels that make them easy to open and close, even in small spaces. They have a standard door at one end that you can use to open and close it without folding the panels.

Bi-fold doors help you to connect yourself with areas. They also enhance the amount of light that enters your home to make the indoors appear more spacious.

Bi fold doors not only allow a lot of natural light but also create a physical link to your outdoors. However, it can be difficult for many people to choose bi-fold doors for their home. Here are some tips for choosing a bi-fold door for any property.

Size of the door.

The weight and cost of the door depends on its weight and size. Therefore, it is essential to take the measurements of your existing doors to have an idea of the bi fold doors required for your home. It is best to call a professional to take the measurements before visiting a store to check out the bifold doors.

The frame of the door.

It is best to choose a bifold door with glazed panels as they provide interrupted outdoor views. Do not look for heavy frames as they restrict light and reduce the size of and outdoor views. Try to choose slimline frames which sightlines of approximately 120 mm.

The operating system.

The bifold doors come with two types of operating systems, top hung and bottom rolling. There are pros and cons to both systems.

1) Top hanging systems.

They can hide the operating mechanism at the top of the frame. 

The dust and debris are less likely to get lodged in the top hung systems.

There is one disadvantage that they require strong support above the door to handle the entire weight of the doors.

2) Bottom rolling.

The bottom rolling systems are easy to install and don’t pull much weight from the top of the frame. However, the dirt and debris can get stuck in the bottom track and affect the motion of the doors. 

Bifold door configuration.

The bifold doors come in various configurations. Therefore, it is essential to decide the exact configuration you want for your home. It is best to choose the doors with an odd number of panels as they stack to create an entire opening.

Installing a master door with bifold doors can be a good idea. It will offer you easy access to the outdoors without the need to open the entire door.

Ask for a warranty.

Most manufacturers offer a warranty for the material and panels of bifold doors. When you visit a store, don’t forget to ask for the warranty on doors against damages due to weather and other conditions. Manufacturers may offer you a warranty of 5 years or more for the material of the door.

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Final Words

These were some tips to choose Bi-fold doors for your property. The key to choose the right doors is to know your requirements and the style you want for your home or office. Following the above tips can help families and businesses to choose the right design and style of bifold doors for their property. 

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