5 tips to prepare your trees for spring season

Spring is the time to prep up your garden, especially the shrubs and trees. It is time to prepare your shrubs and trees for the upcoming summer. In the spring season, as the weather gets warm, the trees begin to grow new leaves. Even though it’s still cold, now is the perfect time to get your trees properly prepared for spring! Here are some sure-shot ways to prepare your tree in the spring season for the coming warm weather.

Examine your trees

It is important to properly examine your trees while they are still bare to look for signs of damage or disease from the cold winter. Snow and ice can cause damage, and pest damage can be even worse. Most people don’t know what to look for or where to hire an arborist. An arborist can accurately identify damage and disease and remove fallen branches and debris.


Cut down your trees and bushes. Prune the unwanted branches and growth and remove dead plant material. For your own safety, you can also cut branches that will come in contact with structures such as gardens or patios. The purpose of pruning is to remove the dead/weak branches, promote new branches and improve the shape of the tree. Removing the dead contributes to healthy growth.

Provide good nutrition to your tree

During the winter, your trees lose the good nutrition they need. So, after winter, it is important to provide your tree with nutrients so that it can grow healthily and prepare for warmer weather. To protect your tree from diseases and pests, slow fertilization is recommended.

Remove any Christmas decor

We’ve all been guilty of keeping the Christmas lights on our trees for too long. It is necessary to remove all the fairy lights on your trees. Hanging a light on a tree prevents it and can allow your trees to grow.


You can also spread mulch around the trunks of your trees. Among other things, mulch has a better water retention capacity so that the soil dries slowly. If you are already using mulch, check to see if any need to be added. Mulch allows you to hold more water, so you can add a layer of 3 to 4 inches around your trees. Mulch is also good to prevent the growth of weeds and damage by a lawnmower.

Test your trees on the ground

Many homeowners plant a tree and then immediately fertilize to promote growth. But applying fertilizer without first testing the soil is like shooting in the dark. Without testing the soil, you can’t know what nutrients the soil needs, so you risk overdosing on certain nutrients and doing more harm than good.

Has your soil been tested by a tree care company before or shortly after planting the tree? Then apply fertilizer according to the test results. Never use a fertilizer that contains a herbicide and is intended for use on lawns, as herbicides can be harmful to young trees.

Final Words

These are some tips to prepare your trees for the spring season. Following these tips also help you to prepare your trees for the upcoming warm weather. Spring is the time to give new life to your garden, but the period lasts for only 30 to 50 days, depending on your location. So, it is best to spare some time and take care of your shrubs and trees at the end of the winter season to prepare them for the spring and upcoming summer.