Your wedding day is almost here! You’ve sorted out every wedding detail, from your wedding dress, to the theme, to the venue, to the wedding cake, and even your hairstyle. But there’s this one factor that most brides often forget or easily get overlooked at – their wedding car. 

Your wedding car is just as important as the rest of the wedding details. That’s how you make a grand entrance as soon as you arrive at the wedding venue in style. That’s also how you’ll have a classic and emotional exit with your newly-wed husband. Thus, don’t assign the task of finding the wedding car to anyone else but you. 

Now that you know how essential it is to choose a perfect wedding car for your big day, you may wonder how you are going to start your search for that ideal bridal car. There are endless choices of wedding cars out there which might make you feel overwhelmed and confused on which one you should pick. Don’t worry now as here are five tips below to help you in hunting your perfect wedding car.   

  • Research Early

The main reason you need to research your wedding car as early as you can is to book it early. You’ll never know if your dream wedding car will be available on your wedding date. Besides, the last thing you’ll want to happen is to stress out on your wedding car’s conflicting schedules. 

To avoid such disappointments, you can go online and search for available wedding cars that are for hire within your city, such as Wedding Cars Of Sydney. Some wedding car companies can offer instant confirmation even if your wedding day is several months away, making it more convenient. You’ll save yourself from all the worries of losing your dream wedding car to another wedding couple.

5 tips for choosing a perfect wedding car
young couple in a car in wedding day
  • Keep Your Wedding Theme In Mind

Before you go ahead and finalize your choice of car, make sure that it fits your wedding theme. Are you having a traditional or contemporary wedding? Do you have a specific color scheme to follow? Don’t hesitate to consult your wedding planner and the wedding car company whenever you feel confused, as they’ll help you find the perfect wedding car to match your current wedding theme.

  • Consider The Size Of The Car

Another essential factor to consider before booking your wedding car is its size. Ensure that the car’s size can cater to the size of the bride’s dress. Particularly if the bride is going to wear a bulky wedding gown, make sure you get a larger car to prevent the dress from being wrinkled and so that both the couple can have more room for sitting. It’d be kind of disastrous if the bride were caught having a hard time getting in or out of the car door because it was too small for her dress, or the groom can’t anymore sit comfortably beside the bride because the space is too cramped. 

Don’t forget that plenty of wedding photographers and videographers will be there on your wedding day. They’ll capture your every move right from your entrance up until the wedding ceremony, and until the reception is over. Therefore, your main goal is to look like a beautifully effortless and graceful bride throughout the ceremony.

  • Stick To Your Budget

Your wedding budget will always be one of the major considers when making decisions for your wedding. If you get to save for some areas of your wedding, you get to have a bigger budget for other more essential aspects. If you set aside a bigger budget for your wedding car, you’ll have a wider array of choices of car models to choose from. Besides that, you also get to decide if you want to avail of a chauffeur service and a complimentary champagne bottle to make the experience more exquisite and memorable. 

However, if you decide to have a smaller budget for your wedding car, there are still plenty of affordable wedding car options. You can also save more if you choose to borrow a car from a family friend and you’ll do the car decorations by yourself.

  • Don’t Forget The Rest Of The Wedding Guests

Before you get too excited about choosing your exclusive wedding car for you and your groom, don’t forget to book the transportation for your wedding guests too. To ensure everyone gets to ride in style, don’t forget to consider how many wedding cars you’ll need to book on your wedding day.

Your Wedding, Your Choice

The car you’ll select for your wedding day will indeed reflect your personality. If you want a flashy car for your modern wedding, go for it. If you love to have a vintage car for your grand entrance, don’t hesitate to do so. The important thing to keep in mind is you’re happy with your choice. After all, this is your wedding, and you have all the luxury of freedom to choose which is best for your big day.

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