5 things to check when buying wall decor items online

If you plan to do a home makeover and search for unique ideas, you must look for wall decals. They are stickers and can instantly transform your bland walls into a modern canvas. The beautiful wall decals not only add colour but bring life to the whole surrounding.

To check out some unique wall decals, you can go to Nevernever.shop. But before you resort to online shopping, here are some valuable tips: 

Think About Your Home Décor

Keep your home décor in mind while choosing a wall decal. It’s effortless to find wall decals that suit modern as well as traditional home décor. So, do some research on finding a decal that matches the personality of your home.

You will need to consider the style and colour of your furniture, rug, and flooring not to contrast too much. A white wall is the perfect base for any wall decal, but if you have some unique coloured walls, you’ll have to be very selective in your wall decal.

The Theme of Your Wall Decal

Deciding on the placement and theme of your wall decal is also extremely important. If you want to place it in your living room, which has a modern look, the decal should be minimalistic. Polka dots, floral or geometric prints look fabulous in the living area.

On the other hand, if you’ll be placing it into your kid’s room, it should have more colours, probably cartoons and other fun prints. Decals for your office should have creative quotes, calendar, timetable, etc. So, take your time choosing the theme of your wall decal.

Safe To Use On Your Wall

The last thing you would want is to ruin your newly painted walls. Hence, it’s essential to look for removable wall decals. Most of the wall decals come with adhesive, and it’s unlikely they will cause any damage to your wall unless the paint surface is weak or poorly done.

Over time, decals can become permanent. So, it’s better to change them after a year. Anyways, they are not very costly and are usually much more affordable than changing your wall paint.

Material and Quality

Most commonly, wall decals are made of PVC plastic, also known as vinyl. However, you can choose PVC-free wall decals. PVC wall decals are usually delicate; they tear and stretch very easily compared to non-PVC or fabric decals.

Besides, make sure that the wall decal you choose has a smooth surface and is not rough and patchy. 

The Area You Want To Cover

The size of your wall decal will depend upon the area you want to cover with it. To cover your whole wall, look for full-sized wall decals. Mostly, they’re ideal for walls behind your sofa or bed. If you wish to cover a particular area or some part of your wall, you should have a correct measurement to select a wall decal of the appropriate size.

Wall decals are usually sold in inches or cms, so you should measure the area before ordering any.