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5 Smart Ways To Make Your Small Business More Environmentally-Friendly



Before newer generations became more ecologically conscious, it was thought that being an eco-friendly business meant that you would risk being less productive and earning less. Nowadays, when we know this is not true and we can see the benefits of going green quite clearly: besides the positive impact on the environment, it would mean being more efficient and cutting costs which ultimately leads to an increase in profit, not a decline. 

By applying some eco-friendly practices in your daily routine, you will not only minimize your business’ carbon emissions but affect your employees’ lifestyle as well. With that in mind, here is a list of five effective ways for you to go green and take more people with you down that road.

LED lightbulb

Think about your energy use

No matter the size, your business spends more energy than a household – you have multiple computers, printers and other devices working long hours, as well as lights. All of these consume a lot of energy and this is also reflected in your electricity bill. If you are always in a hurry when you leave from work, one strategy could be to introduce extension cords so that you can simply switch them off and all devices which are plugged in it will be turned off as well. Also, it would be good to plug out all devices when you leave the office just to make sure that there is no energy wasted when they are not working. 

Small business employees

Involve your employees

Raising awareness among your employees is one approach that could have a significant impact on lowering the carbon footprint of your business. If you involve your employees, they will not only change their practice at work but at their home as well so you will be raising awareness on more levels. You can do so by acquiring solar chargers and prompting them to charge their phones by using them. Also, instead of them coming to work with a non-compostable cup, gift them reusable coffee cups and to make them more appealing, you can put your company logo on it or an inside office joke.

Advance your delivery system

When it comes to your delivery system, being more efficient largely coincides with being eco-friendly. If you prevent picking errors in the warehouse and wasting time on manual data entry, you will ensure that there are no double trips to correct mistakes or time and resources waste. If you are outsourcing this portion of your business, it would also be good to put your trust in companies which are labeled green. While researching platforms offering trucks for sale, it is recommended that you inquire about their engine and carbon emission. Since it would be impractical for international deliveries to be made by a bicycle, you have to make do with the eco-friendliest choices you can find. 

Recycling bag

Manage your waste

Just dumping your waste in a garbage disposal will not do the environment any good. The first step to bringing about change is to start recycling one thing that is highly used in every office – paper. Install special bins so you and your employees can separate paper from other waste. Another good idea is composting organic matter so you can take your coffee grounds and lunch remains to have them turned into compost in a controlled environment while reducing CO2 and methane emissions. Managing your business’ waste can be turned into a regular office program.

Man leaning on a bicycle

Encourage alternative transportation options

To actively participate in decreasing the carbon emission, you can encourage cycling-to-work scheme and give out small rewards to employees who have an opportunity to do so. This will not only make your company eco-friendlier but it will also promote a healthy lifestyle and exercising. Naturally, you should provide them with bicycle racks so they can keep their bikes safe. For those who cannot cycle or walk to work, a good solution could be carpooling or public transportation which, although not innately eco-friendly, represent greener choices as opposed to everyone coming in their car. 


This journey has to start with you changing your lifestyle – you need to practice what you (will) preach and implement certain changes into your personal life. Once you make green thinking your routine, then you can take those practices to your business offices and watch them get further developed by your employees. It might sound far-fetched, but you will soon see just how much one person can achieve in raising awareness regarding carbon emission reduction.