Gift hampers are a great gift to give to anyone. Whether it’s your employee, business clients, or family members, gift hampers would be a perfect choice for anyone. They are curated for special occasions and contain different gift items in adorable packaging. The Australian gift hampers have curated items like premium native Australian wines, scented candles, specialty chocolates, coffee, bar accessories, and whatnot. Many vendors also provide Australia-wide delivery, so delivering the hamper to the intended person would be easier. No wonder the Australian gifting industry generates $2 billion every year. With plenty of options available, choosing the one can be difficult. That is why here are five smart tips for choosing the best gift hamper online.

1. Who is the recipient?

Before you go on and buy any random gift hamper, wait for a while. Have you given a thought about who will be the recipient of the hamper? The person you plan to give a hamper to should like what they receive. You have to put your thoughts into it. Think about what they do, what they like, what kind of personality they have. It will help you choose the suitable hamper that reflects their personality.

If the recipient is a sweet tooth, you can gift a hamper that contains chocolates, cookies, cheese, and crackers. If the recipient is health-conscious, you can gift them a healthy hamper they would adore. The recipient will acknowledge and appreciate the thought and efforts you put into choosing the hamper.

2. Choose the suitable packaging

Once you choose the hamper, you should go ahead and choose the suitable packaging for it. Gift hamper suppliers usually provide different packaging options according to the content of the hamper. Many times the hamper is based on a theme. For example, the packaging for a Halloween gift hamper should have a spooky element to it. Many pumpkins or spiders on the packaging would make it relevant to the occasion. If it is a gender reveal party, you can choose a combination of blue and pink colours.

3. What’s the occasion

The occasion for the celebration plays a crucial role in choosing the suitable gift hamper. It won’t make sense to buy a hamper that doesn’t match the occasion. If it’s a birthday party, make sure the hamper is suited as a birthday gift. If your colleague gets a promotion, you should choose a hamper that would be appropriate for office settings.

4. Buy only from reputed suppliers

There are several gift hamper suppliers in the Australian market, but only a few can match the opulence and luxury of a premium gift hamper. Only the native Australian gift hampers would match the local Australian essence. They would have better expertise in curating the right gift items in the hamper.

5. Stick to the basics

If you don’t know the recipient closely, it’s best to stick with standard gift hampers containing something of everything. A nicely curated gift hamper would have standard gifting items like scented candles, cookies, chocolates, cards, etc. It’s best to play it safe and gift them such hampers to avoid embarrassment. You don’t want to give someone wine if they have recently become sober.

There is no doubt that a gift hamper is a suitable gift for various occasions. Make sure you know what items the recipient would like so you can choose the suitable hamper for your colleague, friends, and family members.

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