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Friday, May 27, 2022

5 Simple Storage Hacks That Will Change Your Life



Keeping your house neat and tidy not only makes your home look better but will also ensure your space is more organised and functional. Being able to find what you need when you need it will help you to complete your day-to-day tasks with more ease and enable you to be more productive. Decluttering your home and organising your home can also help you to feel less stressed and in more control of your life, making your home a more relaxing place to live. 

Finding creative ways to make the most of the space you have available is crucial in keeping your belongings organised and your home tidy. Whether you have a large home or you are living in a more compact space, with the right storage solutions in place your home will instantly feel cleaner, tidier and easier to manage. When your home feels more organised and less chaotic, you can relax and focus on what you need without distraction. 

Let’s take a look at five simple storage hacks that will transform your home and change your life!

Make More Space

To maximise your home storage, the first step is to make the most of the space that you have. If you have an existing chest of drawers, for example, take some time to organise your belongings so they fit the space better. You might be surprised at just how much storage space you actually have when you tidy up a little. Take this opportunity to declutter your home, getting rid of anything that you no longer use, to free up more space in your home. 

Hooks And Pegs

Adding hooks and pegs in strategic places around your home is a great way to keep your space more organised. Hanging aprons, kitchen towels and even pots and pans on hooks in the kitchen can free up a lot of counter space. Coat pegs in the hallway or inside your back entrance will help you to keep these areas free of clutter giving you somewhere to hang your coats and other outdoor wear when you come in. 

Baskets And Boxes

Grouping similar items together and storing them in baskets and boxes will ensure you can always find what you need when you need it. Kitchen appliances, winter clothing, office supplies, kids toys and other bulky items can be stored in labelled boxes or baskets that you can display elegantly on your shelves or out of sight in your closets. 

Hanging Storage

Utilising your wall space to create more storage space is a useful way to expand your storage options. Hanging pockets, rails, and pegboards will help to free up more floor, cupboard and counter space. Use your creativity to install unique hanging storage solutions using planters, mason jars and other materials to add a little personality to your space.

Erect Shelving

Putting up shelving is a simple yet highly effective way to increase your storage. There is a range of different shelving styles available nowadays that you can choose from to add some style to your space. Whether you choose floating shelves, built-in shelving units, corner shelves or you opt for a modern industrial inspired pipe shelf, erecting shelving in your home will help you to keep your home neat and organised moving forward.

Use Creative Storage Solutions To Keep Your Home Neat, Tidy And Organised

As every home is completely different it’s essential that you choose storage solutions that will meet your needs and also complement the overall aesthetic of your interior. Be sure to consider your space and be creative with your choice of storage solutions to ensure that your home is always neat, tidy and organised.