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5 Signs You May Need a Personal Bodyguard



We live in uncertain times, and people are in the spotlight more than ever with social media.

If you’re famous and the focus is on you, your safety may be at risk. And if you’re a high-profile person or have another job that puts you in harm’s way, it may be time to rethink your safety.

A personal bodyguard can keep you safe and make your anxiety less as you tackle day-to-day living.

In case you’re wondering what bodyguards help with, here’s a brief rundown of how they can help you:

  • Escort you to and from events.
  • Keep you safe during events.
  • Go with you while you run errands.
  • Look over your home or venue before you leave and enter.
  • Keep an eye out for potential safety threats.
  • Plan an escape route in case you need one.

If you think it’s time to get a personal bodyguard, here are some powerful indications:

1. You’re a High-Profile Person

If you’re a high-profile individual in charge of a corporation, for example, you may need a bodyguard.

It could be that you are recognizable from social media and online publications. So, during a public outing and event, it’d be wise to have some protection.

Keep locations in mind as well. For example, you may live or visit a well-known area like Los Angeles in California. If you’re in a renowned city like this, then you’re more likely to encounter people who recognize you. The city isn’t nicknamed Tinseltown just for kicks!

If you’re in a riskier area, you should consider having someone look out for you. It’s hard to consider that your safety may be threatened, but it’s a reality you must face.

Having a personal bodyguard in California, for example, can save you should someone invade your space. And, hired protection can also take charge and handle people who make threats.

2. You’re in Possession of Sensitive Information

Most companies, especially well-known companies, have valuables, money, and confidential documentation.

As an executive, you may be in charge of keeping track of valuable documents and money. At some point, you may need to transport this information to a new location. Since a lot is riding on you, it’s in your best interest to have a bodyguard.

You never know when thieves and other criminals may get wind of your whereabouts. Having protection at your side will ensure nothing goes sideways during the transport.

Plus, having security also intimidates people. For example, say a criminal is considering robbing you. As soon as they see your bodyguard, they’ll likely have second thoughts.

3. You Have Passionate Fans

You may be an actor or actress who recently became famous. Even if you’re new to being famous, you likely have a lot of fans already. With social media, it’s easy to become well-known rather quickly. As you gain more followers on Instagram, for example, the more fans in real life you get.

Unfortunately, some fans can become overzealous and, in some cases, dangerous.

Even when running errands, there could be a threat to your safety. Having a bodyguard by your side will ensure a fan won’t get carried away. Plus, having a trained security professional by your side will make you feel a lot safer too.

Even if it may take some time to get used to having a bodyguard, it’ll be worth it for your peace of mind.

4. Your Partner is Threatening You

If you’re getting a divorce or your partner is abusive, it may be time to get yourself a bodyguard.

Unfortunately, abusive people are unpredictable. If they’re desperate to get you back, for example, they may threaten or attack you. If it gets to that point, you will feel a lot better if a personal bodyguard is at your side.

At some point, you may need to go back to your house to get your belongings. When that time comes, having security by your side will ease your anxiety. Plus, it’ll make it easy to get in and out without feeling like you’re in danger.

No matter where you go, having a bodyguard there with you will ensure you stay safe. In addition, you’ll find comfort in that if your scorned lover comes after you, you’ll be protected.

5. You Have a Nice Home

If you have a lovely home in an affluent neighbourhood, you may be concerned about your safety. To protect yourself and your property, consider having a bodyguard escort you to and from your home.

Before entering your home, a bodyguard can check over your property to see any intruders. And, they can also patrol the area to look for any suspicious activities.

Whatsmore, they can keep an eye on things so that burglars won’t come lurking.

Caring for your property goes beyond just caring for the land and house. You may have loved ones who live there with you as well. Then, having a bodyguard adds to their safety as well as your own.


People have bodyguards for many reasons. Remember, you don’t have to be a celebrity or high-profile business person to have security. Sometimes, you may feel you’re in danger for other reasons as well.

Whether you’re a high-level executive or are in charge of essential documents, a bodyguard is sometimes necessary.

If you move forward with a personal bodyguard, be proud of yourself for focusing on your safety!

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