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5 Signs That Tell You Need Root Canal Therapy



For most, hearing the word ‘root canal’ sends an alarming response. However, it’s not as scary as it sounds. A root canal treatment is done to remove bacteria from the tooth’s infected pulp, avoid reinfection, and prevent the natural tooth from falling.

While a dentist can tell you best whether you need a treatment or not, there are some tell-tale signs you can look for. If you notice any of the following, make sure you visit your Chelsea Heights dentist immediately.

Extreme Tooth Sensitivity

A sensitive tooth is one of the common symptoms of pulp infection and an indicator that you may need a root canal.

Sensitivity can be felt if you get an aching feeling or pain when eating warm or cold food. If you notice any pain when eating something like ice cream or drinking coffee, chances are you may have an infected tooth nerve.

If the sensation lingers for long periods of time then a search for ‘dentist near me’ is recommended.

Tenacious Pain

Strong tooth pain that stays for a long time is something to be watchful of. Such pain is felt deep down your jawbone or you may even feel some pain in other parts of your face or teeth.

Such pain can even be a part of other dental conditions too like a cavity, gum disease or a damaged filling. Diagnosing the issue early can determine if root canal therapy is needed.

Discolouration of Tooth

A tooth can become discoloured if the infection reaches the tooth pulp. Tissue breakdown or stress on the tooth causes the roots to become damaged, which is what gives the tooth a semi-black look.

Other reasons for tooth discolouration could be due to poor dental hygiene, eating or drinking tooth-staining food, etc. If you witness a change in the colour of your tooth, root canal therapy might be needed to remove the infection.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Whether it’s meeting with an accidental injury, eating hard foods, or falling when playing a contact sport, teeth can get cracked due to a number of reasons. This can often leave the nerves exposed and make way for inflammation and infection.

There’s also a possibility of your nerves getting damaged even if there’s no sign of chipping or cracking. To prevent the infection from spreading further, root canal therapy is needed.

Deep Cavity

A deeper cavity is another sign of a possibility of pulp infection. Such a cavity, when reaching the inner base of your tooth, spreads to the nerve and roots. This leads to infection which can get worse.

Once a cavity has penetrated the deeper areas, no rigorous brushing or flossing will work. This is why root canal therapy is the only option to save the infected tooth.

While there are plenty of symptoms to look out for, it’s always better to seek an appointment with your Chelsea Heights dentist without delay if you encounter one. Getting the appropriate root canal treatment can save your tooth and prevent any further complications.

We at Beyond Smiles offer professional root canal treatment with little to no discomfort for quicker and better recovery. Get in touch with us to book your appointment today.

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