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5 Reasons Why Online Gambling Needs To Be Regulated In Australia



Reason #1 – Potential Revenue 

Online gambling has the potential to be one of the most profitable ideologies if regulations were established. There are many online platforms that would gladly pay their fair share of taxes to the Australian government, in exchange for the opportunity to host Australian players across an online platform of casino gaming. 

The level of potential revenue is mind-boggling, especially with the recent spike in popularity to online casino gaming and sports betting. A large number of adults already have the interest to place sports wagers, and there is even more potential for revenue when looking at online or mobile casino platforms. 

There are many different factors and laws that have an impact on gambling in some way, but the potential pathway forward to online gambling regulation is one that could provide a lot of government revenue if done correctly. Only time will tell whether Australia decides to take advantage of this incredible revenue potential from a regulated online gambling industry. 

Reason #2 – Public Happiness 

Under certain circumstances, a regulated online gambling environment could improve the moral and happiness of local citizens. Online wagering can be an exceptional hobby that is enjoyable and exhilarating. There are some potential dangers that come along with a regulated gambling industry, but there are steps to prevent these dangers from becoming realities. 

First of all, in the event that online gambling was regulated in some way for Australian citizens, there would need to be a way to prevent players from becoming addicted to sports wagering and other forms of online gambling. This is an extremely dangerous addiction that can spiral out of control rapidly if appropriate resources are not provided for players that trend towards this type of addiction. 

In other jurisdictions around the world, there are horror stories of players losing all of their belongings and hard earned money to a gambling addiction that started on online sports betting platforms and casinos. 

If resources are set up to help these players, the dangerous potential of addiction can be limited and the overall happiness to players that can control their wagering habits can begin climbing upwards. 

Reason #3 – Sports Leagues will Benefit 

If sports wagering became regulated, there would be more incentive to visit the stadiums that the games are taking place in. Local Australian teams would likely draw in many more fans for each match because of the exhilaration of online sports betting. It is completely reasonable to expect that more fans will watch or visit the sports games that are being wagered on. This has the potential to help spike popularity across the nation’s sports leagues and bring in new types of casual fans that appreciate online sports betting. 

The fans of these teams will likely become more loyal as well. When there is a little money on the line, there is a good chance that fans will make more of an effort to connect with their favorite teams. It is also possible that new fans will be intrigued and begin to purchase merchandise and memorabilia when placing wagers on sports games. 

From an outside perspective, it sure seems like a good idea to legalize and regulate online sports gambling. There is a missed opportunity by not doing so, and for many different reasons. In all likelihood, the positives outweigh the negatives for this type of decision. 

Reason #4 – Prevent Offshore Sites from Dominating the Industry 

The fact that players are placing wagers on offshore gambling sites does not benefit the Australian government or the players themselves in any way. While Australia tends to tax their online gambling platforms more than the players, it doesn’t change the fact that offshore sites are having to pay absolutely no cost to the government while hosting thousands of unregulated gamblers from the Australian jurisdiction. 

Australian players who happen to participate in this type of offshore gambling are likely having to pay outrageous deposit and withdrawal fees, and there is no way to guarantee that these offshore platforms are operating fairly. If some major circumstance where to take place in an offshore jurisdiction, the Australian government would be powerless to ensuring their players received proper treatment. 

Many experts believe that it would be best for Australia to make the important step forward to simply regulate online gambling so that local players have reason to play on the local online platforms within their jurisdiction. There is no reason to jeopardize the personal belongings of Australian citizens that enjoy gambling as a hobby. Australia would likely benefit as a nation if they were to enact an online gambling regulation document that provided sufficient legislation to its citizens. 

Reason #5 – Here Is The Better Question, Why Not? 

Perhaps a better question for Australia is, why not regulate online gambling? While there are many benefits and negatives with any type of major decision, the equation regarding online gambling regulation in Australia seems pretty simple. Players are certainly interested in participating in online gambling, and online platforms such as onlineblackjackaustralia.org are definitely ready to begin hosting them. The only problem is the dangerous precedents that can be established when regulation is presented. 

First of all, who gets all the money from the online operators? The Australian government is going to want as much of the revenue as possible for allowing these licensed operators to host players. In addition to that major financial debate, there is also the factor of addiction to consider. What percentage of players will become addicted to gambling? Research doesn’t exactly provide a number, but a small percentage of players will likely place a wager that they cannot afford at some point in time if online gambling became regulated.

casino machinesConclusion 

There are many important things to consider, and the Australian government has to ask themselves whether they are willing to make a move to establish online gambling as a regulated hobby. 

Local citizens will likely express mixed feelings about the subject as time continues to pass by. There are some jurisdictions around the world that have major successful gambling operations, but there are also some areas where the regulation was done poorly, and the players have paid dearly for it.