5 mind-blowing things to consider before getting liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures that enhances your appearance, with the focus on removing excess fat in the middle body area. However, there are other areas on your body you could reshape by removing the accumulated fat. It works on the principle of sucking out the excess fat from your body and giving your body more definition.

According to Daily Mail, “Australia overtakes the U.S. as the country with the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries with 500,000 operations performed last year – including 20,000 boob jobs.” Australians are obsessed with their appearance and strive for perfection. If you’re thinking about going under the knife, there are certain facts to consider about liposuction and the recovery period.

You can reshape different body areas, not just the central part

Even though removing unwanted fat deposits from your belly is an image that pops to mind when someone mentions liposuction, excess fat can be removed even from the neck, thighs, hips or chest. For instance, with the aid of neck liposuction, you can give your neck a makeover by tightening the skin and removing unwanted fat deposits located under the chin. The 1-hour procedure is minimally invasive and is a fast way to smooth out your neckline. There is also a procedure when men remove accumulated fat around the breast, which is called gynecomastia. 

The recovery period is 2-4 weeks

It might sound like a complex procedure, but the recovery period isn’t too bad. The aftercare includes wearing compression garments, taking medication for soreness or pain (if necessary) and refraining yourself from any type of physical activities for the first couple of weeks. However, every case is individualized, so the recovery periods can differentiate, especially if different body parts were operated on. For instance, a smaller body part will require less downtime.

Exercise should be avoided immediately after your surgery

In order to maintain your post-surgery body, you should be eating a balanced diet full of proteins and vitamins, and control your weight with regular moderate exercise. However, after the surgery, your muscles are still sore and skin is irritated, which means your body needs time to heal and recover. You shouldn’t become a couch potato, but taking walks or light jogging will be enough to keep your body in shape. Definitely wait 4-6 weeks before engaging in strenuous physical activity. After you’ve recovered completely, it is advisable to exercise in order to keep the fat from coming back.

The results and your body transformation will be seen after a couple of months 

When you see before and after photos at the doctor’s office, you start imagining your body after surgery. You have to be patient and wait in order to see your real body. First of all, the swelling will go down after some time, the skin will be firm, and you will be able to go back to your normal life and exercise to lift your mood and keep your body fit.

Being too obese or too skinny will prevent you from being a good candidate for the surgery

In the media, liposuction is portrayed as a method for giving obese people their dream bodies, or help them drastically lose weight. In real life, it’s not the case. You have to be 30% of your ideal body weight to be a perfect fit for the surgery. Moreover, it is helpful if you’re not smoking and have firm, elastic skin.

Talk to your surgeon first if you’re interested in getting liposuction, to make sure that you’re the right candidate for it. Statistically, it is a relatively safe procedure with minimal side effects which mostly include redness, soreness or swelling. Generally speaking, the results are long-lasting and permanent if you listen to your doctor’s instructions and maintain a healthy lifestyle.