CBD has exploded in popularity for a variety of reasons. First was its recent legalisation, but later come the pandemic – a time where anxiety rose as our usual outlets were suppressed. 

One thing that wasn’t suppressed, however, was entrepreneurship. As a result, we have ended up in a world where we can consume our CBD in a variety of forms, from oils to chocolates. So, how do you decide which is best for you?

Know what’s out there

First and foremost, you can’t decide on which is the right CBD product for you until your know what’s out there. This doesn’t mean searching generic blogs either, this means looking specifically at the Best CBD shop in Australia – or a variety of them – and browsing the product selection. Make a note of these as we will come back to them.

Finding the right benefits

Some people consume CBD for a variety of its generic benefits, whilst others are looking for a particular solution. For example, a specific pain and inflammation in your knee may require a different solution to something that will aid your sleep. You’re not going to eat a CBD cookie right before sleep as that’s counterintuitive, nor are you going to apply CBD face cream for the knee problem. So, figure out a priority list of benefits that you’re looking for and if there’s more than one problem, it may be worth getting multiple products.

A product that suits your lifestyle

CBD products do not just specialise in different benefits but they’re also consumed and stored differently. For some people, capsules are a great choice as they can be stored on the bedside table and taken routinely before sleep. However, for those always on the go, they may want a consumable CBD that tastes great and is also a snack. Or, if you’re a bath lover, then you may be suited to a CBD bath bomb and CBD-infused candles.

Concentration and dosage

The next thing to think about is how much CBD you want to consume. There will be products with varying levels of concentration, meaning that some deliver more CBD per drop/product. Furthermore, if you’re looking for something that can be not just easily counted but easily adjusted, tinctures and oil is ideal as you can pretty much calculate the amount of CBD per drop. Edibles, on the other hand, are fairly fixed dosages.

Cost and Reputation

Finally, cost is ultimately a concern for many people and so it’s important to factor it in our decision. Whilst some products make it difficult, we can generally calculate the dollar cost per mg of CBD – then, compare between products to see which are the most economical. Generally, creams and such have the highest cost per mg along with lower bioavailability, whilst CBD hemp and concentrate perform well. However, it’s important to check for yourself too.

What is absolutely vital is to only trust the labels of reputable companies. A red flag here is a company that makes extraordinary claims about its benefits yet receives very few online reviews.