Most people burn out to the fullest while trying to make muscle, but the results don’t show up as likely as they want them. Have you also hit a dead end? Or are you thinking about building up your muscle mass without putting in the “real extensive” hard work into it? If you are either of the above, then you are in the right place. Here are our brilliant five hacks to build muscle quickly. 


  1. Eat Protein At The Right Time

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The majority of bodybuilders eat protein right before or during their workout as pre-workout nutrition. However, this might help people gain muscles, as per a study, taking protein taken after the workout acts as a catalyst in the muscle gaining process. The same study suggests that you should also take protein before going to sleep. The body will be working while you’re asleep. This protein might be put to good use, like improving your postexercise overnight recovery.  


  1. Use Steroids For Quick Muscle Gain

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It’s not hidden from us that steroids can help you gain muscle quickly. According to research, steroids helped men gain a whopping 5 kilograms of muscle mass in just ten weeks. Adding up to the steroids’ effects, the participants agreed upon an increase in strength of upto 20%. 


Some popular steroids for muscle gain are listed below:


  • Dianabol
  • Anadrole Supplements
  • Trenbolone
  • Testosterone


If you are looking to buy steroids online then ensure to consult your physicians for dosage before starting with your muscle-building journey.

  1. Keep Your Intestines Clean

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If your intestines or body, for that matter, are not clean and have plenty of toxins in them, could you expect the body to act in line with the exercise you put in? We don’t think so. If the body’s full of toxins, then this might lead to inflation. To keep your body toxin-free, you should drink green tea in the morning to flush out everything that’s not right for you. Green tea is a great way to kick-start your workout day.

  1. Adequate Rest 

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Heavy workouts don’t let you recover easily. And it’s also true that the actual muscle build-up happens when you aren’t working out but in a resting state. So, to gain proper muscle strength, you need to take enough rest between your consecutive workout sessions. By taking a good seven hours of sleep you would be able to gain more muscle & perform better in your upcoming sessions.Moreover , studies indicate that sleeping less than 6 hours a day could hamper your muscle growth by upto 60%.

  1. Go For “Big Lifting”

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If you are isolating only one part of your body and training it to think that you’ll gain muscle quickly, you might be wrong. We won’t upvote training individual body parts while trying to build muscle faster. Instead, it would help if you opt for exercises that train several body parts at once. Some good examples are – pull-ups, deadlifts, military presses, and kettlebell swings. 



These were all the steps you need to build your muscle quicker than ever. From changing the protein intake habits to lifting big and keeping your insides clean, follow all our steps, and witness a change in the output. Don’t forget to eat clean, along with all these steps. If you skip eating clean, then all these steps won’t matter in the end.