5 careers in finances that bring success

Deciding on a career is not to be taken lightly, and it most certainly isn’t a decision to be made in haste. However, if you’re fascinated by financial markets, the thrill of dealing with stocks and bonds, the rush connected with managing money in order to gain as much profit as possible, your career path is clear – you should be in finances. There are many positions where you can excel at, but different skills you possess may direct you towards different aspects of the financial world. Analytical, organizational and people skills are just some of the ones necessary to succeed in this line of work. If you feel you’re up to the task, here are 5 careers in finances that will definitely lead you towards success and help you make the choice that best suits your aspirations.

1.   Financial Planner

Managing finances is no mean feat for most of us, and sometimes the best solution is to put your money in the hands of an expert. Financial planners have the necessary knowledge of a variety of investment vehicles which makes them more than qualified to give sound advice on how one should spend or invest their money. Should you opt for this career path, you will need all the theoretical knowledge you can get your hands on, as well as keep up with the trends in the securities market so you can manage your planning sessions accordingly. Financial plans should be devised so that they suit the individual needs of clients and their business. A good financial planner establishes a firm rapport with customers and inspires trust. Thus, experts in this area have well developed interpersonal skills and persuasive abilities in order to convince their clients that their money is truly in safe hands. Since many are seeking a trustworthy financial planner to put their mind at ease when it comes to a delicate subject such as money, salary and employment outlook looks bright and is predicted to expand up to 15% by 2026.

2.   Accountants

Count on an accountant to carry out complex work in financially oriented industries. Professionals in this field interpret, construct and critique financial statements in order to provide the best possible service to their clients. Acquiring the necessary accounting skills is crucial in order to gain precision in analyzing business problems in detail. Once the financial analysis is completed, it is presented to clients in a comprehensible way by using visual aids such as charts and graphs. Working as an accountant provides a great opportunity for career advancement, leading to corporate financial management or leadership positions. Other career outcomes include accounts clerk, accounts payable officer, bookkeeper, debtors clerk to name a few. The expansion of this field is predicted to grow at a rate of 10% by the year 2026.

3.   Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you feel your verbal skills and sales orientation are your strong points, then being a commercial real estate agent is the right choice for you. This is a valued and profitable profession since it involves recommending appropriate spaces for the client’s enterprise. In business, location is of the utmost importance and an accurate analysis of business plans and financial statuses will ensure that it is well chosen in order to bring considerable profit. Estimating the financial potential and value of the property is essential in order to provide suitable options for financing property acquisitions and setting up businesses. Commercial real estate agents may earn a salary of up to $ 94.500.

4.   Business Teacher

Dealing in finance means that presenting facts to clients in a fluent and understandable way is an indispensable part of the job. Once perfected, these skills are extremely close to ones in the teaching profession. Business teachers try to communicate their knowledge to students, shaping their minds so that they can one day become experts in accounting, management, marketing, investments, etc. What makes a good teacher in this particular field is the fact that they are curious and enthusiastic about the world of business, and capable of transferring that same passion to their students. No matter how advanced in the world of business and finance, one can always opt for a teaching position, earning as much as $41.000.

5.   Credit Analyst

This is a profession which emphasizes the ability to predict one’s financial future. Taking out a loan from the bank is a major step for most, and a risky one as well. A credit analyst’s job is to evaluate the client’s financial situation and predict the risks involved by interpreting their business records and data. In order to manage credit appropriately, they need a well-developed investigative mindset to scrutinize the legitimacy of financial information provided by their clients. Their expertise is reflected in the fact that they are able to analyze trends that may influence the ability of companies to generate enough profit in order to fully repay their loans and in due time. Credit analysts may earn as much as $70.000 and jobs are predicted to grow up to 8% on average by 2026.

Pursuing a successful career in finance requires a lot of diligence and dedication. Apart from theoretical knowledge of the business world, one needs a lot of experience in order to stay afloat. Furthermore, keeping up with current trends and reacting to them accordingly makes an expert in this field more desirable and therefore more successful. If you consider your strong points and carefully choose your career, success is surely right around the corner.