29.5 C
Monday, June 27, 2022

5 – 7 July



Collingwood Underground Roller Disco @ Collingwood – the #1 thing to do this weekend, hands and butts down.
Bright Lights, Winter Nights @ Flemington – wait, this isn’t horse related I DON’T GET IT?
Changes @ Collinghood – wanna know how to music? DIS YOUR ONE AND ONLY *two day* STOP + has mega gig line up in the evenings #DateMeHerePls
Leaps & Bounds Music Festival @ Melb – honestly is Fitz/Collinghood the live music mecca of Aus, I swear every venue has a gig going for this, ontop of all the other gigs.
Come From Away @ Melb – not the sNorah Jones song
Nocturnal x NAIDOC Week @ Museum – feat. Senator Briggs #BriggsForPM
Girl Rock! @ Melb – damn fergan straight / bi / gay / whatever you are
B52s 40th Celebration @ Old Bar – every drunk Aunt’s favourite song, but also… 40years? 40? SRSLY?
Disco A Go Go @ Night Cat – LiLo is the only night cat I’m interested in sorry bout it
NAIDOC March @ Melb – a verb, not a month 
I Love Dancehall @ Rubix – blood oath cobber, tickles me chin hairs ya know.
K Pop Fest @ Melb – ok truth guys, I had to Google ‘what is a doing word’ cos like nouns, verbs – other than kids in Grade 5, who knows this stuff?

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