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Sherlock Holmes – The Last Act ( UK)

Sherlock Holmes – The Last Act ( UK)
It is 1916. Drawn from two years’ Sussex retirement for the funeral of his friend, Dr Watson, Holmes returns to Baker Street to resolve ‘the last act’.

Written by Conan Doyle expert David Stuart Davies and directed by award-winning Gareth Armstrong, Sherlock Holmes – The Last Act see Nigel Miles Thomas back in Edinburgh, after spending the last year taking his critically acclaimed interpretation of the enigmatic sleuth across the world with his previous show The Return of Sherlock Homes

Sherlock Holmes – The Last Act shows the man behind the myth, exposing the great detective’s fears and weaknesses, the devastating consequences of the dramas of his formative years, and, unexpectedly, his cutting sense of humour. A gripping story is told, featuring cross-examinations and heated arguments between Holmes and Watson, with 14 characters, all played by Miles-Thomas in a theatrical tour-de-force.

Writer, David Stuart Davies, BSI has studied Conan Doyle’s writing since his university thesis on Sherlock Holmes in 1977. He has written several Sherlock Holmes novels and plays and is respected as an international authority on the subject. He is, of course, a long-term member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, and for eleven years he devised and presented the Society’s annual Film Night

As a professional actor Nigel Miles Thomas career spans forty years. He has been in over 100 productions worldwide including London’s West End and Steven Berkoff’s company. He has directed Zza Zza Gabor in Hollywood and still lives to tell the tale. On television he has performed in Dr Who and among many appearances was Mr Davies the PE teacher in BBC’s Grange Hill, The Professionals, Minder, The Dick Emery Shows, The Story of English and Middlemarch for the BBC.

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