Burn it.

burn it.
Burn it.
Two queers. Camping. Post dramatic break-up.
Do they engage in wholesome, healthy processing? Or drinking, denial and making fun of trauma?

“A show that is both incredibly uncomfortable at times and ridiculously funny” Australian Stage

“Raw and powerfully emotional” Melbourne Theatre Info

This dark comedy explores mental illness, abuse, unrequited love, and the complications of a friendship that acts more like a relationship. But it’s funny, we promise.

Created by an entirely queer team and written with all gender-non-specific characters. The show is shaped differently by different actors and has been restaged with a non-binary, AFAB duo after its 2023 premiere showcasing a masc and fem-presenting cast.

Director: Jacqui Martin
Cast: Sian Dowler, Lydia Kuelsen
Writer/Producer: Lydia Kuelsen

Trigger Warnings: discussions of violence, death, self-harm, eating disorders, suicide and abusive relationships

Shows (Silver & Bronze Membership)
11/03/2024 9.45pm (ACDT) | Admin Fee $11.00 | Book Tickets
12/03/2024 9.45pm (ACDT) | Admin Fee $11.00 | Book Tickets
13/03/2024 9.45pm (ACDT) | Admin Fee $11.00 | ALL TICKETS GONE!
14/03/2024 9.45pm (ACDT) | Admin Fee $11.00 | ALL TICKETS GONE!

Verandah Private at The Strathmore Hotel
129 North Terrace
Adelaide, South Australia

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