4 ways to give back through exercise

Now that we are all fitness junkies and now that we can’t wait for the next time to hit the gym, it might be time to look at the bigger picture. Is there any way that our workout can help somebody else and help us give back to the community? Can it be that we help someone by exercising ourselves, because if yes, that would be awesome. Well, lucky for you – there are certain things that you might be able to do in order to help yourself have the best possible body, and help somebody else achieve their goals and ambitions. Burning your calories or counting your steps might help somebody else raise money for a certain cause, and this is the part that you get to play. It is very cool and quite satisfying, so let’s take a look:

1. Workout mission

Workout Mission is only one of the ways in which you can give back to the community, and it is one of the most popular ones. So, Workout Mission is a site that will help you choose one of the five “missions” (which are basically charities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters or The Special Olympics). How does it work? Every time you work out, no matter if it is running, lifting weights, trekking, swimming or something else, you log it onto your calendar. After 10 completed workouts, you get to donate $10 to the mission that you select. After each donation, you get a receipt.

2. Charity miles

4 ways to give back through exercise

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Apart from the workout mission, there are plenty of charity miles that you can go with. If you like to walk or trek, then this is the app for you. Simply turn it on, let GPRS track your mileage, and for every 25 miles it will donate 25 cents. There are plenty of possibilities here, so you can also opt for running events such as charity walk in Sydney if you find yourself there and you want to feel useful. Apart from this, you can find charity walks all around the world as it is slowly becoming a more and more popular activity. 

3. She’s The First

If you are a yoga enthusiast, for example, then wait a second as we have something that might interest you. Namely, She’s The First helps girls around the world get access to education. What you have to do is create a fundraising page and decide what your goal is. Once you meet your goal (for example, complete 100 days of yoga, but you can also make different goals that include other sports), you become matched with the girl whose education you are sponsoring. Bear in mind that sometimes this education is incredibly cheap for us – around $360 a year is the price for sponsoring the education of a girl in Nepal.

4. The Lazy Jar

4 ways to give back through exercise

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

Behold amazing ideas, as we have the most amazing idea ever, and it is an amazing thing for people who simply cannot hit the gym regularly. The Lazy Jar is an app that will help you track your weekly activity goal (in steps, kilometers, burning calories, younameits for a minimum of six months. In order to determine that you are serious, they will ask you for a $30 “security deposit” that you will get back if you achieve your goal. If not, or if you are lazy, 80% of that amount will be donated to childhood cancer research and the other 20% will be kept by the app. 

As you can see, there are great ways to give back to the community by working out. Not only is it a very humane thing to do, but it can also be very motivating. Why not at least try?