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4 tips to Help Keep Cockroaches Out Your Sydney House

4 tips to help keep cockroaches out your sydney house

Of all of the insects that you could find inhabiting your home, the most cringe-worthy and seemingly disgusting one is probably cockroaches, these insects come in a variety of sizes and are ultimately fairly gross looking and the larger members of the species are a phobia for insect haters by their own right.  So why not take some steps now to help prevent these nasties from entering your home.

1. Clean thoroughly

When it comes to infestation, a little time invested in keeping your home clean and free from dirt and food waste will go a long way to preventing the need for full-scale extermination.

 Cockroaches and most other pests will be attracted by the food that your home has to offer. If you are a messy cook or eater this will attract them as well as a whole host of other vermin that you don’t want to be dealing with. Suffice it to say clean the floors and make sure your stovetop is thoroughly de-greased.

2. Fix Wet Spots and Fix Leaks

Roaches require water like every other animal and they are equally attracted to exposed water as food. On the contrary, some species of cockroaches can survive periods of starvation for around a month or two.

Whereas all cockroaches will only last a week at best when their access to water is cut off hence why they are most commonly found underneath your sink.  Repair all leaks from fixtures no matter how small, and avoid leaving your sink standing full of water for extended periods of time.

 If your home is deprived of both food and moisture, the roaches will be forced to relocate to more hospitable conditions.

3. Seal all holes and cracks to the outside

They have to enter your house somewhere, and while it can be very difficult and time consuming for the layman to identify potential pest infestation points, it can be done using a little common sense.

 However, with some persistence and a caulk gun, you can cut off their access to your home, you will stop them nesting and reproducing.

This can be an extremely important tactic when you live in an apartment or condo and perhaps have neighbours who might not share your hygiene standards, allowing their infestation to become your problem.

4. Bring In Expert Help

If you are really struggling with an infestation, or perhaps are worried about an infestation starting in your home then don’t hesitate to call a pest control expert in Sydney.

The earlier that you treat the root cause of your infestation and remove it, the sooner your troubles will be resolved. When choosing an expert to engage be sure to ask lots of questions regarding prevention and treatment methods, their personal experience.

The sooner that you get it looked at the less severe your infestation will get and this will also mean that the treatment required to remove the insects will be far less intensive.