Spring is the time where nature heals and takes birth anew for the New
Year. The environment warms up to the new growth of plants, animals, and
for all living things, including us humans. Spring is time to regenerate our
bodies and refresh our minds from harsh cold temperatures and look for
brand new beginnings.

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The way nature detoxifies for the spring – our bodies need cleansing too!
Liver – functions day and night and helps our bodies to get rid of the toxic
materials. The duo liver and gallbladder are metabolically active organs
responsible for many vital functions in our body. Spring season is the best
time to activate the liver.
The question is, how will you achieve rejuvenation of liver health in this
spring? Of course, maintaining good exercise, drinking plenty of water, and

eating good food will help. But some herbs will punch in more efficiency to
your liver health. Here are four spring herbs that your liver will love.

● Milk Thistle
Milk thistle – Silybum marianum, is a prickly herb that bores red or purple
thistle flowers and pale green leaves with white veins. It is also commonly
known as Mary thistle or Holy thistle and has various regional names to it.
The plant belongs to the aster family or widely known as a daisy family. Milk
thistle was used by ancient physicians and herbalists to treat liver and
gallbladder conditions. Today also, milk thistle is a popular medication in
many cultures around the world.

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Silymarin compounds are the active ingredients of milk thistle. The herbal
medicine is the extract of milk thistle herb containing around 65-80%
silymarin. Now, why are these active ingredients so essential? Silymarin

extract is known for its hepatoprotective properties and is an excellent
antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory factor. Following are the ways
in which milk thistle helps your liver-
● Since it is known as hepatoprotective, meaning liver-protecting – milk
thistle is part of therapy for people suffering from liver damage –
conditions like non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, alcoholic liver
diseases, hepatitis, and even cancer.
● Milk thistle effectively works against toxins produced by mushroom
● Silymarin promotes cell pair, easing inflammation of the liver caused
by diseases like jaundice, etc.
● It keeps free radical damage in check.
● Some studies show that silymarin compounds improved the life
expectancy of people suffering from alcohol damage to their livers.

● Yellow Dock
Yellow Dock – Rumex Crispus, is an herb with unique features like narrow
leaves with curly edges, flowers turned into green seeds which turn red
seasonally. The deep red color of seeds indicates the proper time of root
harvesting. Commonly called as curly, curly dock and curled dock – the root
bears potent active ingredients. Fruits and roots are a component of tonic
medicine. The tonic helps in alleviating pain and swelling.

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Yellow dock root has exceptional detoxifying properties that help the
cleansing of the liver. Since ancient times herbalists have been using Yellow
dock for treating anemia. Traditional medicines included Yellow dock root
powder to nourish the liver and spleen. Physicians believed that the tonic
could cleanse the blood. The active ingredients in this herb include
compounds of anthraquinones, glycosides, and vitamin C. How yellow dock
helps your liver?
● Yellow dock herbs support stage-2 detoxification of the liver, which
most of us need to have proper healthy functioning of the liver. The
bitter yellow dock concoction promotes and stimulates liver functions
by getting rid of toxins, excess of hormones, and waste products.
● The herb helps the ability of the liver to store iron. Hence it is widely
used in treating patients who have blood conditions such as anemia.
● Yellow dock is also known as cholagogue – as it helps the liver and
gallbladder to stimulate bile and digestive fluids.
● The hepatic ability of the herb helps to restore lost functions of the
liver due to damage caused by diseases.

● Studies suggest yellow dock tonic helps to control insulin-like growth
factor 1 hormone in the liver.

● Dandelion
Dandelion – Taraxacum officinale is an herb that is well-known all over the
world for its beautiful yellow flowers and is a common weed growing in many
gardens. Often treated as a pesky weed plant, dandelion is part of ancient
Chinese medicine. Asian people drink dandelion tea regularly to maintain
good health. Dandelion root has long been known for its medicinal properties
supporting liver health and hence named as a liver tonic.

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Apart from roots – flowers and leaves are also useful in the preparation of
medicinal tonics or teas. The active ingredients are bitter glycosides,
triterpenoids, inulin, volatile oils, vitamin A, and potassium salts – which
have diuretic, choleretic, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic
properties. Like Yellow dock, dandelion is also a cholagogue. Let’s find out
how dandelion helps the liver-

● Dandelions have properties that help to eliminate toxins in blood,
aiding in protecting the liver.
● Its hepatoprotective agents help to protect the liver from degeneration
caused by poisoning or overloading of chemicals or toxins.
● One study shows that dandelion polysaccharides indeed help in
improving the functioning of the liver and gallbladder.
● The antioxidant content in dandelions helps in reversing the damage
done by the toxicity of acetaminophen.
● Some studies show dandelion roots may reduce the excess of fats
stored in the liver and protect it against oxidative liver stress.

● Cannabis
Cannabis – Cannabis sativa is an herb popular all over the world for its good
and bad reputation. Yet many studies over the years have proven its
medicinal properties that help our body. Though it is well-known for its
psychoactive component like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the plant has
over 500 compounds with 120 having distinctive properties. Besides this,
you can also add CBD products like CBD Oil, Creams, Lotions in your
everyday routine to maintain liver health.

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Apart from its controversy, medical marijuana (extracted from flowers,
stems, and leaves) is gaining traction for its health benefits – exclusively for
liver functions. Medical marijuana has very few strains of psychoactive THC;
hence can be used to treat certain conditions. It is available on any licensed
marijuana dispensary. Let’s find out how cannabis helps the liver-
● The most extensive study of cannabis was on drinkers who smoked
marijuana. They showed lower risks of developing liver diseases that
include cirrhosis, hepatitis, steatosis, and even hepatocellular
● Liver diseases are many times related to insulin resistance. The link
between marijuana and lower fasting insulin levels showed it could
protect the liver from non-alcoholic liver diseases.
● Impairment of glucose metabolism is due to excessive fats present in
the liver, which can lead to liver damage. Studies found that cannabis
may protect the liver from such dietary risks.
● Cannabis is hepatoprotective. The endocannabinoid system (ECS)
produced in cannabis may protect the liver from substantial chemical

abuses.Visit industrialhempfarms.com and learn more about how
different types of cannabis strain helps maintain liver health.
● One study found out ECS does not accelerate the progression of liver
diseases in patients suffering critical infections like HIV and Hepatitis

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Concluding, we can safely assume that nature has provided us more than
enough for our well-being. Spring season is one such example – spring
brings health to nature and for us too! This spring concentrate on your
health and make sure you take time to do a spring cleanse. Detoxify and
clean your liver, for a healthier year ahead!