4 skip hire safety-rules that you should never miss out

Hiring a skip is the fastest and most convenient way to get rid of general household waste.

This is also an environmentally friendly way to dispose of junk and waste. With a skip bin hire service, you don’t have heaps of junk and garbage sat on your yard or stuffed into your bins.

Nevertheless, your idea of hiring a skip can be dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions.

Here are 4 important skip hire safety rules that you should never miss out

Never Overfill the Skip

There are so many people who choose the wrong size of skips and discover that they have more junks to fit into the skip bins.  As a result, they start to overfill the skip. They put everything into the skip they can, and end up overfilling the skip. There is a fill line in the skip that you should always maintain. Overfilling the skip by going beyond the fill line may not be dangerous for you, but an overfilled skip can be very risky to the person emptying the skip. The golden rule to be safe is to hire the best skip bin hire company in your area and choose the right size and type of skips.

Stack the Skip Sensibly

You should apply some sense when stacking your skip with junk. You can consider your skip as a shopping bag. You would surely never put eggs at the bottom of your shopping bag and heavier items at the top. Similarly, you need to put the heavier waste on the bottom of the skip and lighter stuff at the top. By stacking your skip this way you can avoid any potential risk that could pose a problem when transferring the skip.

Keep Your Hands Out

The safe way to dispose of your household junks is to properly put all junks and waste material into the skip and let the skip hire company transfer and sort through it later to recycle the waste materials. You should never put your hands in the waste.

Don’t Put Hazardous Material

Under any circumstances you should put the hazardous waste materials into your skip. Hazardous waste like asbestos need specialist waste removal companies, and they are dangerous as well.

You should follow these simple safety rules to be safe when hiring skip.4 skip hire safety-rules that you should never miss out