4 occasions when it is perfect to send flower bouquets across

Everybody loves flowers, the more the merrier. Receiving flower bouquets on special occasions, from your partner or close friends is a great feeling and something that will always be appreciated for a long time. Sending a bouquet along with a note is seen as a very personal gesture, and conveys the feeling that you too share their joy and celebration. Presented well, in a vase it could even be on their shelf or desk for weeks, as an ode to the sender. However, don’t send across just any flower bouquets, as they are normally designed and arranged based on different occasions. The choice of the flowers in the bouquet says a lot about the thought process that went into selecting them, due to which they are always appreciated by the recipient.

Some of the flowers you should select for your flower bouquets, based on the different special occasions are:

1. Getting a New Job

When a close friend or your partner gets a new job, congratulate them with a bright bouquet made with yellow roses, since they symbolize both joy and friendship. It shows that you appreciate their friendship and wish them the best as they embark on a new professional journey in their life. Roses are also considered among the most elegant flowers, to include in your flower bouquets due to their beauty and brightness, which will surely make their day. You can opt for getting the bouquet either at their office or home, though sending them in a vase, that’s ready to place on their desk will also be a great gesture.

2. The Birth of a Child

The birth of a child is the most joyful and important occasion in a couple’s life, and you can make it even more cheerful, by presenting a well-designed and arranged bouquet to the couple. Pink and purple colored flowers are the favorites, to gift when the baby is a girl, with roses, gerberas, and lilies being the preferred choice either individually or as a part of the flower bouquet. If the baby is a boy, then blue-colored flowers are usually considered, along with yellow roses. Before sending the flower bouquets across, do check if the hospitals allow floral arrangements as some patients may be allergic to them. In such situations, it is better to send the bouquets to the couple’s home as a welcome home surprise.

3. Getting Engaged

If your best friend is getting engaged then celebrate the event by sending across a beautiful large bouquet of white roses. The color white represents purity and innocence, which is one of the reasons they are popular when a couple, embarks on a new journey together. White rose flower bouquets are also very popular to gift at weddings, to the couple and wish them all the best on their new beginnings.

4. Graduation

When a close friend or relative passes out from his university or an important exam, presenting a well-arranged bouquet is the best way to appreciate his hard work and congratulate him on his success. The flower bouquets can be made of bright gerberas or orange lilies that convey a bright cheerful, energetic feeling. The color orange also symbolizes energy and confidence along with passion and satisfaction, traits the new graduate will need as he embarks on another journey.

Say it with flowers, is an often repeated quote due to the joy and happiness they bring to the recipient. Always make sure that your flower bouquets have the best flowers suited to the occasion and convey a special meaning to the one receiving them.