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3 Ways Cannabis Helps Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is a rapid mental disorder that creates fear and acute uneasiness in a person. It is also one of the most occurring mental disorders that plague the world. A fast pulse, fragmented thoughts, and eat- these are some of the symptoms of a person facing an anxiety attack. At such a time, all the person’s needs are something to divert the anxiety attack away to a state of relaxation. CBD oil for health is one such that is helpful for anxiety. 

The psychoactive drug ‘Cannabis’ is derived from the plant by the same name. With the legalization of cannabis use, the drug is used extensively for medical as well as recreational purposes. Additionally, it is also emerging as a potential aid in tackling anxiety, depression, and several other mental disorders. Let’s Check out how Cannabis can help tackle anxiety.

Cannabis helps to reduce depression:

Depression and anxiety are always interrelated. A person suffering from depressive thoughts will face anxiety and restlessness of the mind. Cannabis helps in tackling depression with its anti-depressant effects, which alters the moods and feelings of a person and creates a sense of euphoria. The tetrahydrocannabinol compound in the cannabis mingles with the brain receptors and interrupts the normal thinking process of the brain. Apart from this, CBD is also considered useful to treat anxiety disorders in animals including dogs, cats and horses.

Cannabis eases Social Anxiety:

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A study on the effects of cannabis showed that it more positively reduces symptoms of social anxiety in people. Cannabis helps people to calm the mind which eases any feelings of social awkwardness and uneasiness of mingling with people. The drug is a useful aid for people who have a social anxiety disorder (SAD). Cannabis research also shows that cannabis is an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and other types of anxiety-like comprehensive anxiety disorder, panic stress disorder, and OCD.

Cannabis calms the mind:

Cannabis is a prospective treatment to calm the mind and reduce tension. CBD or Cannabidiol, the compound derived from the cannabis plant is useful in creating a calm and promoting mental wellbeing of a person. The compound is widely used by many as an alternative to medication and relaxation therapies to de-stress and unwind themselves from the hectic schedules of life.

How to take cannabis:

  • Tinctures: Cannabis drug in tinctures and oils form contains CBD extracts in an alcohol base. The tincture should be taken in measured quantities to have the right effect on anxiety. 
  • CBD Vape: The CBD vape oil is administered with the help of a vape pen that vaporizes the oil. There are various vape cartridges available in different sizes.
  • Edibles: Extracts of the CBD plant can be added to foods and taken as edibles. There are also  CBD gummies Canada available which are a perfect form of cannabis edibles. One can also take CBD orally through pills. 
  • Smoking: Smoking is one of the fastest methods to benefit from the effects of cannabis. Smoking directs cannabis directly to the lung where the CBD infuses with the bloodstream and eases the anxiety.


Cannabis has potential benefits in calming the mind and in tackling anxiety. However, that said, it is crucial to take the drug in measures to have the perfect anxiety-free state of mind.

Michael Hunt

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