3 Unusual Jewellery Ideas for a Special Day

3 unusual jewellery ideas for a special day

The definition of a special day certainly includes birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other usual dates that we tend to celebrate, but it can also mean an occasion that has nothing to do with traditional celebrations at all. A special day can be any date which signifies something that is special for the person receiving the gift, whether it makes sense to others or not. With that in mind, we have three unusually beautiful jewellery ideas for you today which are perfect for any special occasion and will make your gift stand out from the rest of them for all the right reasons.

Skip the Diamond in Favour of Alexandrite

Traditionally, diamonds are almost synonymous to wedding rings and that has not changed over the centuries. However, if you have the money for it, there are gems which are rarer, more beautiful and costlier than the average diamonds we usually see on wedding rings. While there are other options as well, alexandrite is highly recommended as a better alternative to diamond, because of the pleochroic stone’s unmatched ability to reflect and refract light in the most mesmerising patterns. Also, pair it with yellow gold to contrast the many shades of this rare gem.

Alaskan Gold Nugget Jewellery is Uniquely Beautiful

If you have not yet seen just how gorgeous Alaskan gold nugget jewellery can be, get ready for a very pleasant surprise. The nuggets can be fashioned into earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and special, personalised jewellery items of the customer’s choice for both genders. The unusual aesthetic impact of Alaskan gold nugget jewellery can often be stunning to someone who has not seen them before, since standard gold jewellery cannot produce these naturally unique patterns.

Kashmiri Blue Sapphires are Mystical Gems of Regal Beauty

Sapphires come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but Kashmiri blue sapphires are considered to be of the highest quality because they have a unique velvety appearance to them (due to inclusions) which even the best Ceylon blue sapphires do not. In its native land of origin (India), it is said that they can either make a king or a pauper out of the wearer, depending on astrological factors, so it is both a highly revered and feared gem in those parts. In the Western world, these rare gems hold importance as symbols of love amidst some of the most celebrated international couples, including the Royal Family. Blue sapphires of high quality shine the best when coupled with white gold, platinum or sterling silver.

In general, it is worth noting that, irrespective of the material, jewel or design you choose, you can make the piece personal by adding details to it. The details should always be specific to the person receiving it, and the occasion on which it is being gifted. Something as simple as an engraved date, or even more complex designs through microimaging are possible nowadays, so it only makes perfect sense to take advantage of the available technology to truly make your gift one of a kind.

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