3 simple and inexpensive tricks for upholstery maintenance that’ll probably change your life!

Everyone has a favourite sofa or a floral chair that they cozy up to on a cold rainy evening. It’s because upholstered furniture has become a very intrinsic part of people’s lives. Upholstered products come with unique designs that cater to all your requirements right from comfort to impressive glances from guests. These factors play a very important role when it comes to comforting house guests visiting you and also clients in your office. 

Given how big a role upholstered products, furniture, and sofa play in our life, it pays to purchase and maintain them. However, such furniture is usually expensive and slightly difficult to maintain. It isn’t always a flat surface and comes with designs, patterns and also carvings that make them look attractive. If not maintained well, they might lose their look and charm. However, given the sensitive nature of such furniture, one must be very careful in cleaning and maintaining it. 

Here are some handy tricks to take care of your upholstery in a simple way! 

#1 Be Wise And Invest In Fabric Cleaners

A ready-made cleaner can prove to be a big boon in helping you to maintain cleanliness and keeping your furniture spotless. However, one must be careful in selecting the type of cleaning product. It is advisable to avoid multi-purpose cleaners as the efficiency of such cleaners decreases. 

Given the range of furniture you have, it would be best to get a portable upholstery cleaner as it will be very useful in cleaning handles and chairs. The portable nature of this cleaner can get into areas that other cleaners cannot. 

#2 Use Steam Mops For Wide Cleaning

Steam mops are used not only to clean floors but also for cleaning upholstery. One can use the upholstery steam cleaner to clean multiple surfaces. They are applicable for everything ranging from cushions, armrests, headrests and other areas. But upholstery steam cleaners and fabric cleaners don’t work well on all materials. 

For example, Silk is not a material for which fabric cleaners should be used, so it is best to avoid them. For the large carpets that cover your living rooms, you must not use upholstered steam cleaners or portable cleaners, as it will get spoilt. 

In such areas, be wise to go with the best carpet and upholstery steam cleaners that are fabric-friendly and have a large mouth attached to it to cover more spaces faster.

#3 Make A Habit Out Of Cleaning Spills And Stains

Woke up to the horror of your dog dropping coffee on your favourite carpet? Or did your three-year-old knock over a bottle of ketchup? I know, sounds painful right?

In households with children and dogs, stained sofas and food residues are inevitable. With food particles, you get oil stains that spoil fabrics. If you allow the oil to settle, it will go deep and make it very difficult to clean it later on. 

Hence, as a golden rule, one must clean stains as and when they occur, to avoid spending more money in dry cleaning. 


These are very simple tips to maintain your upholstery and fabrics. Needless to say, don’t let procrastination set in when it comes to home cleaning, as it is you who will be using it the most, might as well take some care not to misuse it. Clean furniture and upholstery are not only good to look at but also hygienic for the entire family. 

Happy cleaning to you too! I hope this article helped. Let us know what your favourite tip was!