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Monday, May 23, 2022

28 – 30 April




Maddawgs of Melbourne

This is Hass. He is a Bosnian boy who moved to #WorldsMostLiveableCity 2years ago after he met Melba KWEEN Amra, at Tryst on Chaps. He fell in love with her straight away. ‘She got me – she did the magic. When I saw her I knew she was gonna be my wife. I am dead serious. I saw her and told myself I am going to marry that girl. Is a weird feeling. Is hard to describe. She make you happy, sad, everything at the same time. She is a really interesting person. It was totally different from anything else’. GAH I love Europeans #DemAccentsTho. They got married in Williamstown after 1year together and he is lurving his new Melbourne life (except that people work too hard here and beer costs too much).
Ole mate was pretty happy to get a job in his industry straight away but I’m not sure why cos he used to do the dos of actresses, models, profesh sports playas and royalty while in Euro. He is currently dying my hair whatever colours he feels like because I don’t know what he was saying, his accent is like a bubbling brook. And he is hella cute. He says this industry has taught him one thing for sure ‘you never know with the womens’.
I literally don’t know what that means. Maybe that is his point. Or maybe he is a gypsy. Either way, bae is doing my hair and telling me his love story and love stories are the best.