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Sunday, May 22, 2022

23 – 25 August



Underground Cinema @ Sshh – if The Sprink were to start doing events which is a possibility, they’d be a mix of Underground Cinema and a Tina Arena concert in a cupboard, starring everyone on the 86 tram. Also The Sprink is going to this event SAT night – anyone else goin’? HIT SPRINK UUUUP
Let’s Vibe – Live Choir @ Gaso – The Ye is in Collingwood. Sprink will be here too, cometh oh Sprinks, cometh and The Sprink shall buy thee all the H2O you can swal-la-la-low.
White Night @ Melb – the week the property market goes up = Melbourne’s LSD & mushroom dealer’s most profitable time of year.
Live N Local @ St Kilda – St Kilda comes crawling back from the dead, stay tuned for a new burb in 2020
Warrnambool Organ Festival @ Warrnambool – blow the organ. Play it? Its been so long I have literally no idea what to do.
Crashing by Design @ St Kilda – should have been CASHing by design this is why artists are poor.
Supersense @ Melb – it’s back WHERE YA BEEN? This has always been a good event.
Roller Disco Brunch @ Docklands – the Rocklands doing it’s best to be hip and Melb-relevant
Graze & Grains FEED ME @ Melb – make a Little Shop of Horrors reference and hope that all The Sprinks know what I’m talkin about
Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk @ City – using your iPhone, watch the streets come alive to the sounds of the Metro tunnel being dug up.
Learn how to make a hit record @ St Kilda – don’t tell me what to do
Sunday Sesh @ Big Mouth – truly the only reason St Kilda exists = Sunday sessions. 

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