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The Gutter As The Road Less Travelled

Milan Kundera wrote a scene involving a woman stepping off a crowded pavement, walking in the gutter, staring at a flower she is holding in front of her. The flower is the only beauty she can find in an aggressive city. The people call her insane. The obvious inference is that she is the only sane one, that the pedestrian parade is the real insanity. 

The gutter is sometimes the road less travelled. Sometimes the only beauty is a flower plucked from one’s mind, a memory, the smell of a coffee, the taste of a lover, the feel of water, the sound of Coltrane, the sight of a flower. A life filled with beautiful moments will be full of beautiful memories. Stepping off the pavement and into the gutter is the tradition of the bohemian and a fine tradition it is.
There is beauty in every step we take, every step chosen with a spirit of beauty.

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