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2020 Best Working Kodi Addons and VPN for Dark Web

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We can see that Kodi add-ons are continually changing with the older ones getting disappeared from time to time, and newer ones replacing them. Here, we regularly update this listing of the top up and available Kodi addons.

To get this list up and running, we conduct thorough research and also run polls, testing, and gather feedback from the users to identify the most popular add-ons. As per the July 2020 updates, find below the top options.

Top July 2020 working Kodi addons

  • The Crew: Available at the Crew Repository, this add-on has its menu containing Movies, Kids, TV Shows, IPTV, Sports, 1 Clicks, Fitness, Radio, Standup Comedy and more.
  • Tempest: It is an updated version of Covenant / Exodus, which is offering many links lately and functions well.
  • Venom: This Kodi addon primarily focuses on videos and also ideal for the movie and online TV show viewers. There are various sections under the listing.
  • The Magic Dragon: This is a highly popular add-on that has many different sections for movies and TV shows. There are multiple links too to choose from.
  • Exodus Redux: This is a Fork from the Genesis/Exodus Addons that will work very well by searching the internet and then pulling the active links.
  • Tubi TV: This video addon is very fast and can work well. You can play a stream at one click and also features may TV shows, even though you may not find any latest movies out there.
  • FEN: This is another active top one among video Kodiaddons, which is available in Tikipeter Repository. The sections listed are Movies, Music, TV shows, Furk, Search, Favorites, Easy news, Watched, Subscriptions, In Progress etc.

Best VPNs for the dark web

You may find many VPNs claiming to be the best companion for dark web users to hide your online activities from ISPs. However, not all VPNs out there will serve this purpose in the desired manner. Here, we will discuss a few VPN for dark web and how to install them correctly.

To install a VPN correctly, you need to sign up and then choose a server location to get connected to the VPN. Once the connection is established, you can access the Tor browser to start browsing the dark web securely. With a VPN in place, your traffic is double encrypted by Tor and by the VPN. The traffic is made through a VPN server, and the VPN encryption layers are removed before it goes to the Tor’s entry node. The ISP scooping cannot see which server the traffic is getting through and that you are getting connected to the Tor entry nodes.

Some of the best VPNs for dark web browsers are ExpressVPN (with free use as a 30-day money-back guarantee), NordVPN (30 days guarantee with zero log policy),  Surfshark VPN (30 days money back and 256-bit AES encryption), PrivateVPN (30 days moneyback trial with Tor-over-VPN setup), IPVanish (zero logs and ten device connectivity etc., to name a few.

On considering further Kodi addons which are active, we can also have options as Scrubs V2, Numbers, Laplaza, ClickSville, Apex, Marauder, Death Star, Subs Movies.nz, TEMPTV, 7of9, USS Defiant, Release BB, TAZ, Nemesis AIO, Arachnid, Ghost, Xumo etc.