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2018 Health Gadgets For Tackling Fitness And Sleep

From an under-mattress sensor for predicting your fertility to a “breathing” cuddly robot that has been designed to soothe you while you are sleeping, technology is continuing to emerge that can help you stick with your New Year’s resolutions, although they do span the gamut from the outlandish to the sensible.  

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Vegas, there were some very unique innovations to suit practically every health goal imaginable, whether you are looking to address medical issues, tone up, or calm down.

Sleep-Friendly Health Robots

This year insomniacs were very well catered to, with lots of sleep-friendly devices on display including a bean-shaped, furry robot that vibrates like it has a heart rate.  It also plays lullabies or white noise to help you fall asleep.

The Somnox Smart Sleep Robot plays music and vibrates.   Julian Jagtenberg, the co-founder of Somnox Sleep Robot said there was lots of technology already for tracking rest, but their cuddly robot, which is being released for $559 US ($710 AUS) in July does something that actually helps you fall asleep.

Nokia, the mobile phone giant, is also releasing a snoozing gadget.  It is a sensor-packed pad that you slip underneath your bed mattress in order to assess the sleeper’s sleep quality, heart rate, snoring and breathing. Tim, founder of Hugo Sleep says “we spend a lot of time understanding how to take care of our body’s during the day, i.e. eating, exercise etc, this type of technology is very valuable to help optimise how we care for our body overnight.”

Nokia Sleep, which is due out this year in Australia, also can connect to smart home gadgets to cool the room and turn the TV off while you are falling asleep.

Fertility App 

The ovulation monitoring system called Mira Fertility connects to a smartphone.

There was another under-mattress gadget on display.  The EarlySense Perception is a fertility-focused device that captures thousands of the user’s measurements to determine when the person is most likely to become pregnant.

Spokesman Ori Balaban said that it was a contact-free fertility monitor that is placed under the mattress, and measures things such as sleep quality, motion, breathing, and heart-rate variability and predicts what your six-day fertility window is.  He added that is was based on medical technology used by hospitals.

However, women prefer medical approaches that are more traditional can choose the Mira Fertility kit, which was at CES as well.  The user wears a disposable wand that gets tested inside of an egg-shaped smartphone accessory.  

Self-care: Taking control of your health

The term self-care these days – which involves making a conscious effort to take care of your physical and mental well-being – gets tossed around quite a lot.  Although the concept is used liberally by some companies for selling their products, it also can mean much more than simply pampering yourself with candles and bath bombs.

My Special Aflac Duck “receives” chemotherapy in order to help ease children who are receiving cancer treatment.  

– My Special Aflac Duck: The robotic duck toy companion helps to comfort children who are receiving cancer treatment to help ease anxiety.  This special duck wags its head, nuzzles, and mirrors healthcare routines such as receiving chemotherapy treatments.         

– Olfinity air monitor, aromatherapy diffuser and purifier: this air monitor makes assessments in real time of your air quality using sensors while the purifier is cleaning your indoor air.  A 20-minute controlled aromatherapy session is created by the aromatherapy diffuser with organic essential oils and purified air.  

– Oska Pulse: The PUlse Electromagnetic Field device has been designed to increase your blood flow to your body’s impacted areas.  For individuals suffering from chronic pain, it is claimed by Oska hat its Pulse relieves minor pain temporarily and eases muscle stiffness.  It works along with an app so that the device can be controlled remotely as well as track the progress on your pain relief.  

Elderly care: Safeguarding your loved ones  

When you have older, aging relatives, it is easy to be concerned about their well-being whenever you are unable to check on them on a regular basis.  Although the products are somewhat silly-looking, they are intended to keep your older relatives safe and protected.


– Helite Hip’Air: A simple fall can lead to a hip injury, and they can be deadly.  Developed in French nursing homes, the Hip’Air resembles a fanny pack and comes equipped with an air cartridge, airbags, a battery, and sensors.  When a fall is detected by the sensors, the airbags are deployed to help break their fall so that serious injuries are avoided.  

– E-vone smart shoes: These shoes feature GPS as well as other sensors that are able to detect abnormal movement.  They are designed for older travelers, workers, and adults.  When a fall is sensed by the shoes, alert messages are sent automatically to the user’s emergency services or emergency contact.

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