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14 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Man Definitely Needs To Have, But Probably Doesn’t Realise It

Valentine’s Day can often be a real pain. Everywhere there are couples pretending that they hate this longstanding tradition, but they still feel obligated to give a gift on February 14th. In case you are having a hard time coming up with something creative for that special man in your life, here are 14 great ideas of things he might really like.

1. Broome & Mercer Fortyseven Unisex Watch

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Man Definitely Needs To Have, But Probably Doesn’t Realise It

One thing that never is out of style is a classy watch, and you don’t have to get him a Rolex to impress your man. A Broom & Mercer watch is ideal for a sophisticated man who is never late – or who could use a reminder now and then. Thes watches are water resistant as well up to 50 meters. He won’t ruin it if he accidentally gets caught out in the rain or wears it into the shower. Read more

2. ROAV Eyewear: The Thinnest Folding Sunglasses In The World

If your guy is more of the wanderlust, beachy type, then you should think about getting him some ROAV Eyewear Sunglasses for Valentine’s Day. They are really thin folding sunglasses. Although they are very compact, they are very durable as well and provide UV protection, which is absolutely essential. They don’t shatter or scratch easily, so if he drops them he won’t need to feel bad about it. Check it out

3. Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Man Definitely Needs To Have, But Probably Doesn’t Realise It

You can give almost anyone a smartwatch as a gift. However, many people hesitate to spend that type of money on themselves. Fortunately, you don’t need to get the most recent Apple Watch or FitBit to find a helpful and innovative wearable. What is great about this Ticwatch is that is does everything that brand name watches do but for a lot less money. You can track all of your vitals, get text notifications, make calls, set reminders, call Uber and more. It isn’t surprising that over on Kickstarter they were able to raise more than $2 million. More here

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4. Bomber Barrel Complete Set Duffle Bag

If your guy has a goal to do more traveling in 2018, then one great way you can support his goal is to buy him a well-designed duffel bag as a gift. This BomberBarrel Duffel Bag, the most funded bag of all time on Kickstarter, is weather-resistant and very lightweight. There is a travel kit included for keeping toiletries organized, in addition to outer and inner pockets for keeping small essentials in. View here

5. Dash 4.0 RFID-Blocking Wallet

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Man Definitely Needs To Have, But Probably Doesn’t Realise It

Everybody carries credit cards with them, but not everybody is aware of how easy credit card information can be stolen using RFID technology. This is the reason why this wall is such a valuable gift. It protects and holds as many as 15 cards, and there is also utility compartments and a cash slot as well. Despite all of the features that it has, the Dash 4.0 is very slim. Check on Amazon

6. Conversion Turntable and Stereo Speakers

This is a great gift that he probably wouldn’t get for himself but would absolutely love, especially if he really is into music. The turntable allows you to convert cassettes and records into digital audio. The sound quality that records have is enough of a reason to buy it, but this turntable allows you to back all those records up just in case anything should ever happen.

7. Graphene 5K HyperCharger and Triton Cable

This lightweight mobile battery pack makes a great gift. It is ideal for anyone who is on the go constantly. It provides 5,000mAh worth of power. For simultaneous fast-charging, there are even two USB charging ports.

8. The Mindful Notebook

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Man Definitely Needs To Have, But Probably Doesn’t Realise It

This is the ideal gift for goal-oriented individuals (or somebody who just has a bunch of New Year’s resolutions. It is a great tool for those who love to set goals. Every page has a daily inspirational quote on it and it helps the owner of the notebook turn into a more mindful individual. A donation is made by Corso to the Foundation for a Mindful Society for every purchase as an added bonus. Corso website

9. TUO Travel Organizer

No matter where a travel is going, this travel organizer is absolutely essential. The useful organizer is basically a portable closet that is made from water-resistant material. Ther are six inner elastic pockets and three mesh zipper pockets for securing small belongings. There is even a mini laundry bag that is included, which is something everybody forgets to pack when they are traveling. Tuo Website

10. Kore Essentials Men’s Trakline Belts

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Man Definitely Needs To Have, But Probably Doesn’t Realise It

It can be hard at times to buy clothes for somebody without knowing what their exact measurements are. However, the Men’s Trakline Belts from Kore Essentials definitely makes this easy. There are no belt holes on these innovative belts since the tracks enable them to be adjusted to 40 different size points. So basically one size fits any waist, which following a large meal can be very reassuring. The buckle’s underside opens bottle tops as well and can be taken off before going through a metal detector at the airport without needing to take the entire belt off, which is quite convenient. Kore Essentials website

11. Men’s Brogues by Ecco Illinois

Are you tired of those tattered old shoes that your man is always wearing? These Ecco brogues are shoes we highly recommend. They are available in both brown and black, made from quality leather and have sturdy gum rubber soles. They look sharp with almost any outfit.

Most important of all, Ecco is renowned for their very durable and comfortable shoes. It might not be the most romantic gift ever, but it is still a top present. Ecco Illinois product page

12. Bulldog skincare kit

Since 2005 Bulldog has been a specialist in male skincare. It has earned rave reviews all over the world from men for giving them soft shiny faces. The set includes a smart wash bag, face scrub, face wash and moisturizer. It is perfect as part of a hamper on Valentine’s Day or as a standalone gift. For sale on Priceline

13. Harry’s shaving kit

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Your Man Definitely Needs To Have, But Probably Doesn’t Realise It

Harry’s has one of the best shaving kit subscription services out of all of the ones that have been introduced over the past few years. These shaving kits are best suited for those who shave on a regular basis. The way it works is you sign up, select the plan that suits your needs the best (before Valentine’s Day observe your man’s shaving habits to get this information) and then a handle will be sent by Harry’s that is his to keep and then replacement cartridges will be sent on a regular basis. Harry’s website

14. Home Brewing Starter Kit For India Pale Ale Beer

This is a great homebrewing start kit for beer lovers. It simplifies the beer making process and makes it possible to make great IPAs at home. Bottles don’t come with it, so you might want to add some as part of your Valentine’s Day gift. Starter kit for sale on Amazon

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