13 – 15 sept

Archibald Prize @ Yarra Valley – David Wenham: proving God is a straight cis female, sis
Fringe Festival @ cbd – Zooey’s haircut finally get the recognition it deserves and everyone finally agrees 500 Days Of Summer was awful, but still better than Garden State = atrocious.
Latin Festival @ city – lel i thought it was a lantern festival
Sunshine Lantern Festival @ Sunshine – lel I thought this was a …
Durban Rocks @ Melb – can confirm this is true. His name is Mbusi and DEAR LORD CAN THE DURBAN MEN DANCE (that isn’t code) (lol it totally is).
Freaky Friday Dancehall @ Brunners – … and there was equal rights and equal respect for all.
Sampa The Great Launch @ Collinghood – hail, the Queen of Melbourne
Fantastic Feminist Folktales @ Northcote – including favourites ‘She Enjoyed Waxing Her Legs’ and ‘You’re Prettier When You Smile’
MARS Bday Exhib @ MARS gallery – ‘HB XO’ they texted, then went back to emails.


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