12 Ways to dress up when going on prom night

12 ways to dress up when going on prom night

At such a crucial event as prom, no doubt, you want to look elegant as an adult. But also, at the magical age of 16-17 years, it is important to create a balance of celebration and youthfulness in the holiday set so that the graduate does not look like her mother.

To achieve this goal, we recommend taking a dress that is beautiful in colour and as simple as possible in a cut dress, which will come in handy again and again after graduation.

Unusual colour combinations and spectacular accessories: jewellery, shoes and stylish handbags will help you to set the image dynamics and youth chic.

Let’s look at specific examples of how this can be done:

Pale blue dress with an air hem

The first set is based on a pale blue dress with an air hem. In addition, pearl pink boats emphasize the delicate mood. A dress-up to the middle of the lower leg will adorn a girl of medium and high growth.

A clutch sets the naughty note, which in shape resembles a glossy magazine folded into a tube.

Bright fuchsia mini dress

A bright fuchsia mini dress determines the festive mood for the second set. Thanks to the asymmetrical hem, it coquettishly emphasizes beautiful knees. Jewellery for this dress is better to choose light and pastel colours. For example, earrings in the form of neat flowers, a clutch with a holographic effect and soft lilac boats.

This model is suitable for girls of any height. Brunette will make it even brighter. The owner of blond hair will need to balance the image with a slightly brighter than usual makeup.

The saturated emerald of the next dress will give its owner a joyful mood.

Dark lacquer boats with charming bows

This set can be supplemented with shoes of almost any colour, both dark and light. In this case, dark lacquer boats with charming bows. Neat drop earrings accentuate the graduate’s beautiful neck.

If you want to become a prom star and get everyone’s attention, choose a red dress. In it you cannot go unnoticed.

Soften and fiery outfit

To soften this fiery outfit, we recommend choosing women’s accessories that are calm in colour, for example, the colours of powder, milk chocolate or silver-grey.

In this case, we propose to complement the set with original shoes with rivets of cocoa colour with milk, a wide bracelet that resembles thin lace, and an unusual clutch bag in the form of a table clock.

Long dress with a neckline

The last set has a long dress with a neckline and a smell. It will emphasize the romantic nature of the girl. Due to its length and V-neckline, this dress will make the girl more fragile, worried because of her fullness or because of too broad shoulders.

Thin and seamless fabric

When buying a formal dress, we recommend that you also consider what kind of underwear you wear. Many evening dresses are created from thin fabric, therefore, give preference to smooth models of bras without lace and inserts, and seamless panties.

If you get a model of a dress with bare shoulders or an asymmetric armhole, put on a strapless bra down. And please do not wear models with transparent straps that look like oilcloth. It kills elegance at the source.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours

As you can see, creating a stylish and youth kit at the same time is very easy. First, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours. If you want to choose something black, switch your attention to pastel shades. Secondly, be sure to dilute excess elegance with youthful accessories. Feel free to step into adulthood! You will succeed!

All month left until the prom! Have you already picked up a dress? It should be special: fashionable, beautiful, and, of course, it should suit you. Today we’ll talk about how to choose the right evening dress by the type of figure;

Choose the right evening dress by the type of figure

If you have wide hips, opt for a dress with a full skirt and an open neckline. Such a style will allow you to align the silhouette and distract attention from the hips. It is good if the top and bottom of the dress will be different colours.

Holders of an athletic figure (narrow hips and broad shoulders) should avoid strapless dresses. Your best choice is a flared dress with wide straps. A thin belt at the waist will make the silhouette more feminine.

Puffy girls should avoid dresses to the floor – they can make the figure bulky. A dress-up to the knee will suit you and it is better if it is fitted – you do not need to hide feminine forms.

But tall and slender girls a long dress is very suitable. For the prom, it is better to choose a simpler cut in order to emphasize your youth and beauty.

Princess bride

When choosing your dream, the most important thing is to understand the purpose and meaning of this often-expensive purchase. If the task – to wipe all girlfriends nose and killed on the spot price, it will, most likely, like a wedding dress: luxuriant, on the floor, on a crinoline – though the price tag is hung up on him! Parents spent their money to the fullest, and we need to tell everyone about it.

Well, you have every right. But we must remember that the slender young girls look at these dresses heavy and clumsy. Graduates walk around the city until the morning, and managing an uncomfortable crinoline is not so simple. It’s much easier for the bride at the wedding – she is taken around the city by car. That is why I am against prom dresses for wedding dresses. You are still ahead, do not rush life. She already goes too fast.

Landed mother

Another, not very successful option, in my opinion, is in the style of “mother’s” evening dress. The error is this: many girls want this day to be like her beautiful mom when she was going to the theatre or some festive event! As a rule, “mother’s” cocktail dresses are of dark colours, often from a knitted fabric with sequins, sequins, with a deep neckline on the chest or a high cut on the skirt, reaching all the way to the underwear.

Too revealing outfits, which bares all parts of the body, as we can see in the photo at the western stars, is unlikely to bring you extra points in the eyes of my classmates and schoolmates. Most likely, you are waiting for dubious jokes for the eyes, and even on Instagram.

The stage outfit or mother’s dress and the graduation dress of a seventeen-year-old girl are dresses that are completely different in meaning. Why do you look 10 years older? Where to rush?

Older you’re still uncertain, but such a beautiful evening in a gentle girlish dress, which will emphasize your youth.

Romantic script

In my opinion, flying silk romantic dresses in pastel colours with frills, bows and ruffles emphasize the beauty of youth and the grace of a slender figure. You can do without decor, but then it is better to choose a flawless silhouette. Now dresses in one-year skirts are back in fashion. Effectively will look a model of flying silk (as an artificial, and natural), sun-dress. A girl in a similar dress looks like an exotic butterfly against the background of bright and saturated green of June.

Million Dollar Baby

Incredibly good for a prom dress in the style of a baby doll, collected at the waist, lush, above the knee or to the middle of the calf – anyone like it. When else to wear them, if not at this great age? From light jacquard or even fashionable neoprene, which perfectly keeps the shape of such dresses. Be careful – neoprene in the heat is not the best choice.

Uneasy girl

If you do not want to look in the evening, “like everyone else” and I want to be original, your option – a more brutal outfit to prom, they are, by the way, and more practical. It looks great on prom beautiful light silk jumpsuits, which can be worn all summer. They stream, they look great, like boiled silk.

Clap the cotton

If you live in one of the hottest regions, why not to wear to prom beautiful cotton summer dress, richly decorated with lace? These dresses are quite affordable, practical, effective, and you can wear them for more than one season. It is fashionable, original dresses that future stylists, designers, architects put on at proms.


Finally, good news for our dear graduates! We wish you a great evening! Let beautiful memories and your beautiful photos please you for many years! And yet, in spite of your taste, preferences and even the budget, the most important thing for this evening – to find a unique image, style, colour, and not to look, what will come to the prom a neighbour’s party. Your happy eyes, rainbow mood and thirst for future discoveries will erase all doubts at the prom. Look closely in the mirror of the dressing room and think, what kind of feelings that will cause others gentle, young and beautiful girl, for which you look now so carefully and meticulously.

Mick Pacholli

Mick created TAGG - The Alternative Gig Guide in 1979 with Helmut Katterl, the world's first real Street Magazine. He had been involved with his fathers publishing business, Toorak Times and associated publications since 1972.  Mick was also involved in Melbourne's music scene for a number of years opening venues, discovering and managing bands and providing information and support for the industry. Mick has also created a number of local festivals and is involved in not for profit and supporting local charities.        

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