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Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Sprinkler 12 – 14 June



Melbourne Tartan Festival @ Melb – dedicated to all the grandmas
Shakespeare in Love @ Melb – more coffeeth, less Gwyneth
Last Night of the Proms @ Melb – crumpets, tea, Kate and Wills etc 
Bastille Day Melbourne @ Melb –  baguette wink wink nudge fudge
Melb Doco Fest @ Melb – I guess there’ll be one on street-art then lol hi 2017
Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever @ Nth Fitz – the things we would all do to Heath’s coat
Solaris @ MTC – Queen B’s sister is fiercer than Sasha this is fact
Bring It On The Musical @ city – *make a jazz hands joke before I press send*
Melb Book Market @ QVM –  for people who don’t know what the above movie about
Afrocan Days @ Melb – are almost erryday
African BBQ @ Fed Sq – eat the french-speaking countries
Finders Keepers Market @ REB – could also be called Stealing Market. Or The Nick-it Place.


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