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10 Reasons to Move to Gold Coast City Australia



The city of Gold Coast is a famous spot for doing outdoor recreational activities, like surfing, hiking, and more. Just imagine the feeling of having easy access to beautiful places every day. You won’t have to take a long drive since the best attractions are only nearby. In addition, you’ll get to experience life in Paradise Point on the Gold Coast or other Gold Coast suburbs for as long as you want.

Travelling is fun, but permanently living in another place is a different story. You’ll have to think of the living expenses, access to public transport, and other aspects of your daily life. However, if you will live in the Gold Coast city, moving might not be a bad idea at all. Here are the 10 ten reasons why:

1.    Affordable Living Expenses

Despite the modern economy in Gold Coast, living expenses like a house, food, and other necessities are not that expensive. If you plan to buy a new house to live in, you can purchase properties for a lower price compared to other large cities in the country.

2.    Get Great Work Opportunities

Gold Coast is a fast-growing city with increasing career opportunities. Of course, it’s better to work near home, so you have to find a job within your city. If you live on Gold Coast, there will be various job openings for different types of skills.

3.    Surf in the Wild Waves

One of the attractions that make Gold Coast popular is the Surfers Paradise. The resort has great dining areas, lively night events, and the best waves for surfers. Besides that, there are also other spots where you can experience stunning beaches like the following:

  • Burleigh Heads
  • Mermaid Beach
  • Main Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Nobby Beach

4.    Feel the Nice Ambiance of Rainforests

If you’re an outdoor person who loves connecting to nature, Gold Coast might be the perfect place for your lifestyle. People usually spend their weekend getaway in recreational areas to release their stress. In Gold Coast City, you’ll get to feel the ambiance of beautiful rainforests in national parks and enjoy other activities.

5.    Meet the Native Wild Animals

Living on Gold Coast will give you the opportunity to learn more about Australia’s native animals, such as Short-beaked echidna, flying foxes, Humpback whales, etc. You don’t have to take long trips or drive for this kind of sightseeing if you live in this City.

6.    Live in a Beautiful Climate

The subtropical climate of the Gold Coast City is one of the reasons why some people choose it as a place to live. If you choose to move to Gold Coast, you can experience the sunshine and the warmth all year.

7.    Have Easy Access to Public Transportation

When buying a new property to live in, access to transportation is one of the frequently asked questions. Of course, it’s nice to live in a place where you’ll get to enjoy the beauty of nature or have adventure whenever you want. But if it means not commuting easily, that place won’t be convenient to live in. In Gold Coast city, you will have easy access to public transport while living the natural lifestyle you want.

8.    Enroll in Top Universities

If you are moving to study or have your kids who will go to college, Gold Coast has some of the country’s top universities. These include Southern Cross University, Bond University, and Griffith University. They offer various courses for different industries like nursing, law, social welfare, biomedical science, and so much more.

9.    Have Fun in the Famous Theme Parks

The large theme parks in Gold Coast will make adventurers or kids want to live in the city. If you’re a parent, your children will surely love the famous theme parks like Paradise Country, Dream World, and Sea World.

10.    Shop at Best Shopping Spots

Since Gold Coast is one of Australia’s top tourist destinations, it has a variety of stores and shopping centres. You can go to the busy shopping district of Pacific Fair, which is the largest in Queensland, and treat yourself or your family whenever you can.

Learn More About Gold Coast City

Have you already finalized your thoughts about moving to Gold Coast? Before you start planning your move, you can learn more about the city and its policies by checking the Gold Coast city council page. You can also visit the site to look for events and other fun activities that will help you make up your mind.

Moving won’t be that simple. You’ll have to leave the place you call home and learn to adjust to a new place. However, moving to a new location also means a new start. You’ll get to be in a new and fresh environment. So, it’s not always that bad, especially if you’ll live in the city of Gold Coast, where you’ll feel you belong.

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